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ToV Barbos
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Age 63
Race Human
Occupation Leader of Blood Alliance
Weapon Sword, Mace-hand
Japanese Voice Actor Masashi Hirose

Barbos the Stormblast (剛嵐のバルボス Gouran no Barubosu?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Vesperia, who serves as the leader of the Blood Alliance guild, one of the Five Master Guilds.


Barbos was hired by Ragou to steal blastia cores, and desires their power in order to aid him in taking Don Whitehorse's position. The party first meets Barbos on Ragou's ship when leaving Capua Nor, where he escapes with Ragou and leaves Zagi to fight the party for the second time. After Yuri Lowell and his friends battle and defeat him at Ghasfarost, he tells Yuri how he reminds him of the Don when he was younger before falling to his apparent death.

Appearance and Personality[]

Barbos is a stout man noticeable by his red captain's coat and scar on his right eye. He has only one hand, which he uses to hold his sword, while the other is replaced with a spinning mace head with protruding spikes.

Barbos is aware of his own strength and influence. He works vehemently to achieve his goals, using illegal and dangerous means to do so, earning his guild a shady reputation. For him, it is not a problem to work with both the imperial knights and the imperial council, who work against each other, provided that this cooperation serves his goal.

Fighting Style[]

Barbos is shown using a chainsaw-like sword that is powered by the Zaphias's lower quarter aque blastia. The weapon is destroyed by Duke Pantarei before the party battles him, so instead, Barbos uses a large sword with spikes running down the back. As leader of the Blood Alliance, he uses an aggressive fighting style with powerful combinations involving both his sword and mace-hand, such as spinning while extending his mace. During the battle, he calls reinforcements from the bridges, and will continue to do so as they are defeated, increasing the difficulty of the fight.