Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Western Continent

Barole, the City of Trade, is a location in Tales of Eternia that centers on commerce. It yields a large marketplace filled with stalls so that merchants can peddle their wares, as well as a variety of restaurants.


The heroes travel to Barole on a royal ship determined to halt the Grand Fall on their own, no longer relying on the Royal Army's aid. Upon arriving, a skirmish at a shop prompts Farah Oersted to intervene. A young boy fights with the shop's owner before Farah steps in to defend the child, who escapes thanks to her help. The shopkeeper then lashes out at Farah, explaining that the boy is a notorious thief in the town and was almost caught just then. As compensation for the mishap, the shopkeeper forces Farah into a contract before Rassius Luine steps in and interferes with the agreement.

The group dines with Ras in the city, and he uses the opportunity to offer the heroes a treasure he discovered in Sylph Cavern. Intrigued, Farah asks him to take her to the cave, and while Ras requests a payment for the venture, he decides to lead the group there regardless due to his own interest of the cave. The heroes meet Ras in front of the town's inn, where Meredy stumbles into him, causing their Fibrill to react with each other. This surprises Ras, but he opts to not discuss the matter in detail. The group then departs for the cavern.