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Bart Klein
Bart Sprite (ToP PSX)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Lone Valley
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Tetsu Inada

Bart Klein (バート・クライン Baato Kurain?, "Bart Klaine") is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia. He is the father of Arche Klein and the husband of Luche Klein, an elf. He resides inside the entrance of Lone Valley, the home of the Wind Spirit Sylph.


In years past, Bart and Luche experience a loving human-elf relationship that is generally smiled upon by both races; this intimacy results in the birth of Arche. However, the elven race soon develops a great animosity toward humans and chooses to isolate themselves in Ymir Forest. Not all elves agree with this isolation, but it becomes mandatory, and they forcefully end Bart and Luche's union by taking her away. At the request of Luche, Bart hides the truth of Arche's mother from his daughter during the following years, leading her to believe that her mother passed away.

Bart's name is first mentioned in the past by Claus F. Lester, who believes that he may know some details about Sylph and the pact ring. Bart tells the party as much as he knows and provides them with the Opal Pact Ring. In return, he requests that they find his daughter Arche, who has apparently gone missing and might have went to go check on the rampaging Spirits, but she is not in the valley. Nonetheless, Bart asks that they keep an eye out for her. After defeating Demitel, the party discovers that Arche was willingly possessed by the spirit of Rhea Scarlet. Upon their return, Bart appears to have a long talk with Arche, and eventually agrees to let her go with Cress Albane and his group with the belief that his daughter has matured. His last appearance is made after Arche visits the Elf Colony and realizes that her mother is still alive. Bart feels guilty for keeping Luche's existence a secret, but Arche seems to understand why he tried to protect her.

Appearance and Personality[]

Bart is a loving father to Arche, worrying greatly for her and even giving up a rare Pact Ring to ask others for her safety. He greatly loves his wife and is devastated when they are forced apart.