Batista Diego
Batista Diego (ToD PSX)
Game Tales of Destiny
Residences Straylize Temple
Age 30
Race Er'ther
Occupation Priest
Weapon Claws
Japanese Voice Actor •Kou'ichi Yamadera
•Mitsuaki Madono
•Shin'ichi Yamada
(Drama CD)

Batista Diego (バティスタ・ディエゴ Batisuta Diego?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Destiny. Prior to the events of the story, he was Philia Felice's colleague, living and working with her at the Straylize Temple of the Seinegald region. An associate to the High Priest Lydon Bernhardt, Batista becomes an antagonistic figure when he begins collaborating with Lydon, who steals and flees with the Eye of Atamoni.


Batista first makes an appearance in the story when he commands an enemy fleet of monsters to attack the Fitzgaldian capital of Neuestadt. The group pursues and infiltrates the lead ship of the fleet only to find Batista in the captain's quarters instead of the anticipated Lydon. Although Philia, shocked, attempts to reason with Batista, he engages the group in battle and loses. Afterward, the group confines Batista to the elaborate mansion of Ilene Rembrandt, the Fitzgald region's Oberon branch manager.

Leon Magnus resorts to torturing Batista for information, while the others, particularly Philia, attempt to obtain information through less aggressive means. Eventually, Leon takes Mary Argent's shock tiara and puts it on Batista, much to Mary's chagrin, as she finds the accessory "cute". Come morning, Philia brings Batista breakfast only to discover him missing. Leon soon enters and explains that he intentionally left the door unlock so that Batista would escape, as the tiara has a homing beacon on it. As Leon anticipated, the mechanism reveals Batista's new location: Aquaveil.

Batista Battle Sprite (1)

When the group reaches the Japanese-themed country, they find that King Tiberius Terazzi has been tyrannically reigning over the region, causing social and political strife. The group collaborates with Karyl Sheeden to infiltrate Moreau Castle to rescue Karyl's friend and Moreau's prince, Fayte Moreau, who has been captured by Batista. Once they reach the sky throne room, they find Batista, who has removed the tiara and claims to be acting solely for Lydon, uninterested in the Eye of Atamoni.

Batista Battle Sprite (2)

After a heated exchange of words between Batista and the group, a battle begins and ends with the group victorious. During Batista's final moments, he comments on how strong Philia has become and asks if her God can save him. Philia is speechless, and Batista remarks that "he's that kind of God", citing a merciless and unforgivable stereotype of deities, before dying. The group finds and rescues Fayte, while Philia remains near Batista as memories of their time together at the Straylize Temple occupy her mind.


  • Sub-events reveal that Batista was an orphan found and raised in the Straylize Temple of the Calvalese region before he was forced to transfer to the Straylize Temple of the Seinegald region because he was causing a variety of problems.

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