Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Northgand
A village that sits in the frozen outskirts of Hellawes. Its residents reject the Abbey's rules.

Beardsley, Snow-covered Hamlet (雪積もる村ビアズレイ?) is a small hamlet in Northgand in Tales of Berseria.


Beardsley is located west of Hellawes in the Figahl Icecaps. The village is primarily composed of people who are either exiled by or defected from the Abbey. Since not a lot of visitors come to this village, commodities are very small, and the people here mostly rely on farming to survive the harsh cold conditions of Northgand.


Velvet Crowe and Rokurou Rangetsu head to the village in search of Dyle, a sailor from Hellawes turned into a daemon, in order to kill him and gain help from the shipping guild to fix their capsized ship. It is here where they meet the exorcist Eleanor Hume for the first time, who was on patrol in the village, and did not recognize who Velvet was at the time. Her emotional stance gave Velvet and Rokurou the impression that she cries a lot, earning Eleanor the nickname "Crybaby Exorcist". After Eleanor leaves, a little girl approaches Velvet and Rokurou and tells them a secret. Dyle is hiding in a nearby cave called Hadlow Hollow, and the girl tells them that Dyle threatens to attack the entire village should word of him spread out. After hearing this, Velvet and Rokurou head to Hadlow Hollow to investigate.