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Belsas (ToR).png
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

Belsas, the City of Trade (交易の街ベルサス Koueki no Machi Berusasu?) is a city located on the northeastern part of Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It is the hometown of Susie Quess and her father, Scarab (スカラベ Sukarabe?), who is also the mayor of the city.


Belsas is a large city that is divided into two parts due to its intense racial strife. The well-kept part of the city is governed by Huma, while Gajuma residents are forced to live in the slums of the city. Belsas is separated from the remainder of the continent by the Alvan Mountains and an unnamed river that pours into the nearby ocean. The city itself rests on this river, which divides the Huma and Gajuma parts of the city with a single bridge. Belsas Harbor lies just east of the city.


When the group first arrives in Belsas, Susie approaches them, thanking them again for saving her in Sannytown. After explaining how her father has just returned from a trip abroad and she missed him at the port, Susie retreats to her home, but not before inviting the group to visit. When Susie arrives at her home, she discovers her father, Scarab, with whom appears to be Queen Agarte Lindblum. Scarab rejects the notion that the woman is Agarte, instead offering her to Susie as a Gajuma servant, as he is particularly racist against Gajuma. Susie declines her father's gesture, but he insists, leaving Susie to privately inform "Agarte", who is later revealed to be Claire Bennett, that she must leave. Susie suggests "Agarte" retreat to the other section of town across the bridge, where the Gajuma live. Claire agrees to this and makes her way to the other side of the city, where she is appalled by the living conditions of the people being forced to live there and agrees to speak to Scarab on their behalf.

Some time later, the group visits Susie at her home, a large mansion in the north of the city, where Susie introduces the group to Scarab and asks him if the group can stay the night. Scarab allows it but refuses to permit Eugene Gallardo, whom he presumes is a servant, the invitation due to his race. Eugene offers to stay at the local inn, where the others, clearly offended by Scarab's words, state they will join him. Susie beckons for them to at least stay for a meal, but Hilda Rhambling politely declines for the group, citing Scarab's "forbidding expression" as the reason. Outside, Susie apologizes for her father's behavior, mentioning how he has held contempt for Gajuma for as long as she can remember. The group accepts her apology but nonetheless retreats to the inn before "Agarte" returns to the mansion on behalf of the Gajuma residents of the city. Despite Susie's attempt to have "Agarte" leave, Claire proceeds inside to speak with Scarab, which leads to her arrest.

The following day, one of the pivotal points in the story occurs. As both Huma and Gajuma residents gather in the city's plaza, Scarab prepares to have "Agarte" executed for all to see. The group is shocked to see that "Agarte" is still alive; however, their shock soon translates into the realization that "Agarte" is actually Claire, which Veigue Lungberg first notices during Claire's speech. Veigue manages to save Claire before she is executed, and Milhaust Selkirk then appears with soldiers. He, like the group, soon learns that Claire and Agarte swapped bodies during the crowning ceremony. Agarte explains that her Force of Moon, which is passed down in the royal family, allows for this, but she flees before having the chance to explain herself. What Veigue already knows, however, is that Agarte desired the body of a Huma so that Milhaust would reciprocate her feelings. It is later revealed that Zilva Madigan manipulated Agarte into performing the ceremony. The group then leaves in search of Agarte, Claire in tow.