Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Race Human
Occupation Pirate
Japanese Voice Actor Takuya Satou
English Voice Actor Ben Lepley[1]

Benwick (ベンウィック Benwikku?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. He serves as one of Van Aifread's pirates aboard the Van Eltia and, like the First Mate Eizen and remainder of the crew, searches ceaselessly for his captain, whose mysterious disappearance prompts Eizen into ultimately accompanying Velvet Crowe on her quest.


A young man with a positive outlook and defensive personality when it comes to his captain and crewmates, Benwick goes along with Eizen's insistence in helping Velvet with her mission. He spearheads the Van Eltia, alongside Eizen. Usually a happy-go-lucky guy, Benwick is accepting of all the additional crewmembers along the journey except the dogs Orthie and Russ, admitting he has had a fear of dogs ever since he was bitten by one as a child. Regardless, he allows the dogs to sail on the Van Eltia and takes them, along with the other therions the group retrieves, to Titania, which becomes their temporary base.