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Big Bang as it appears in Tales of Destiny 2.

Big Bang (ビッグバン / ビッグ・バン Bigguban / Biggu Ban?) is a dominantly Light-elemental spell and mystic arte in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

Big Bang as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Big Bang usually consists of a single, massive burst of energy, commonly dealing Light-element damage to a large area of the battlefield. This spell first appears in the PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny, where it is one of the few spells only available through equipping "Aura Discs". In Tales of Phantasia, it used by Arche Klein as an advanced-tier Light-elemental spell that is learned very late into the game. Unlike the frequent use of Arche's novice and intermediate rank spells in several games, Big Bang was one of many spells of the advanced tier that would not be reused until much later in the history of the series, including other powerful spells such as Rock Mountain and Tempest. Eventually, Big Bang was carried over into Tales of Legendia, as a Fire-elemental spell that can be learned by Will Raynard. It possesses an animation similar to his Extension, in which a small cloud of fire assaults the enemy and forces knockdown. Will's version of Big Bang is considered to be the most inferior of all iterations of this spell throughout the series due to the very small area of effect that damages only the targeted enemy and any others that are nearby.

In Tales of the Abyss, this spell was upgraded to a mystic arte, complete with extended flashy effects and an anime-style cut-in image, as well as used by three bosses during several battles throughout the game. Arietta uses Big Bang as her primary mystic arte, available to her as early as the first battle with her at Choral Castle, if the game is set to "Hard" difficulty or higher. In the Japanese version of the game, this is the only mystic arte that can be used by the replica Nebilim. The North American release of the game adds several new mystic artes to her current abilities, but maintains Big Bang as one of the more frequently triggered attacks of this level. Big Bang also appears as a Divine Skill, used by Philia Felice during the cameo battle at the coliseum in Baticul. All versions of Big Bang in this game deal damage to all the playable characters on the field but cannot bring down their HP below 1.

Big Bang returns as a traditional spell in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, appended to Philia Felice's movelist to keep consistency with her appearance in Tales of the Abyss as well as included in her coliseum appearance in the PlayStation Portable port of Tales of Destiny 2. The spell shrouds the entire field in a celestial wonder before dealing repeated hits of extensive damage, though it is actually dodgeable in Tales of Destiny 2. It appears again in Tales of Innocence, also as a normal spell that can be obtained by Ange Serena if she has enough mastery in Holy Lance.

In Tales of Vesperia, Big Bang is used once again as a mystic arte, available to the final two forms of the final boss. Like in Tales of the Abyss, it does damage to all the playable characters on the field, but cannot bring down their HP below 1. In the PlayStation 3 version of the game, it is capable of killing party members on "Hard" difficulty and above.

Ki's use of it in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon and Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 may be a reference a similarly named spell in The Return of Ishtar called "Big Burn", which is her strongest Attack spell.

In Tales of the Rays, an interpunct is added between "Big" and "Bang".


Big Bang as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Original Titles

Big Bang as it appears in Tales of VS.

Crossover Titles


  • Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny - Mercuria

Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Japanese Description: 敵の周りに超爆発を生じさせる

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut

Japanese Description: 光系最上位の晶術。全ての敵を一瞬で葬り去るほどの力を持つ。

Japanese Quote: お願い、クレメンテ!ビッグバン!
Translated Quote: "Assist me, Clemente! Big Bang!"

Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP)

Japanese Quote: 派手にいきますよ!ビッグバン!

Tales of Legendia

Japanese Description: 敵全てを燃やし尽くす万物創生の大爆発
Localized Description: "High: Call forth the biggest explosion of all time. ATR.: Fire."[1]

User: Will Raynard
Japanese Quote: 元始にて万物の生たる燐光。汝が力、我に示せ!轟け!ビッグバン!
Localized Quote: "Primordial illumination, the fount of life for all things, roar forth this once and show us thy power... Big Bang!"

Tales of the Abyss

User: Arietta
Japanese Quote: 始まりの時を再び刻め・・・倒れて!ビッグバン![2]
Romanized Quote: Hajimari no toki wo futatabi kizame... Taorete! Biggu Ban!
Translated Quote: "The time of origin carves once again... Collapse! Big Bang!"
Localized Quote: "Feel the first beats of time! Fall! Big Bang!"

User: Nebilim
Japanese Quote: ふ、ふふふふふ・・・死ぬかもね。
Romanized Quote: Fu, fufufufufu...Shinu kamo ne.
Translated Quote: "Heh, hehehehehe... You might die."
Localized Quote: "Ha ha ha! You just might die!"

User: Philia Philis
Japanese Quote: いきますよ!おいたが過ぎますよ!
Romanized Quote: Ikimasu yo! Oita ga sugimasu yo!
Translated Quote: "Here I go! Mischief passes!"
Localized Quote: "Enough of this foolishness! Take your punishment! Begone!"

Tales of Innocence

Japanese Description: 全ての敵を一瞬で葬り去るほどの威力の術

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Quote: 覚悟!始まりの時を再び刻め・・・ビッグバン!
Romanized Quote: Kakugo! Hajimari no toki wo futatabi kizame... Biggu Ban!
Localized Quote: "Prepare! Toll the beginning of time! Big Bang!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 覚悟!始まりの時を再び刻め・・・消えよ!
Alternate Romanized Quote: Kakugo! Hajimari no toki wo futatabi kizame... Kieru!
Alternate Localized Quote: "Prepare! Toll the beginning of time! Begone!"

If any party member survives:
Japanese Quote: まだ立ち上がるか…!
Localized Quote: "You still stand?"

Tales of VS.

Japanese Quote: とっておき見せちゃうよ☆ 出でよ!創世の輝き!ビッグバン!!
Romanized Quote: Totteoki dasechauyo! Ideyo! Sousei no kagayaki! Bigguban!!

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 禁呪文を紐解き膨大な魔力で敵に宇宙創成を見せる魔鏡技
Localized Description: "[Mirrage Arte] Show foes the moment of creation with a mana-infused spell."

Japanese Quote: 魔境技!万象数多の光よ!集え!ビッグ・バン!