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Birial Sprite (ToE).png
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Hometown Luishka
Race Celestian
Occupation Royal Adviser

Birial (ビリアル?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Eternia. He was a corrupt official directly responsible for Shizel's despair.


Birial was a royal adviser who worked against Transon Balir and framed him for the murder of the leader of Celestia. He was a respected leader in Luishka, as there is a board in-tact within the city with a Melnics vow dedicated to him. He contrived a plan to have Balir murdered, which succeeded and caused Balir's wife, Shizel, to give her heart to Nereid out of anguish. In order to execute the plan, he used and offered more power to Balir's brother-in-law, Hyades, who aided Birial in the plan to pin the assassination of Celestia's leader on Balir. Birial's success in planting false evidence against Balir ultimately led to him seizing control of Celestia's military power, which he then used to kill Balir, who died in Shizel's arms. Following this, Shizel surrendered her heart to Nereid and leveled the entire city, killing everyone but herself, Hyades, and Meredy, who share with her Nereid's Fibrill.