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Bisley Karcsi Bakur
Bisley Karcsi Bakur (ToX2)
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Age 43
Height 6'4" / 192 cm
Weight 101 kg
Race Human
Occupation CEO and President of the Spirius Corporation
Weapon Fists
Japanese Voice Actor Tsutomu Isobe
English Voice Actor Mike McFarland[1]

Bisley Karcsi Bakur (ビズリー・カルシ・バクー Bizurii Karushi Bakuu?) is the CEO and President of the Spirius Corporation, as well as the father of Ludger Kresnik and Julius Kresnik in Tales of Xillia 2. He is one of the main antagonists of the game and acts as the final boss. He is the current bearer of the ultimate chromatus in the prime dimension.



Not much of Bisley's past is explored, except that before he became the president of Spirius, he was known as Victor, the strongest agent in the entire corporation, and he was married to Cornelia Wi Kresnik, Julius's mother. Twenty years prior to the events of the story, Bisley encountered the Great Spirit Chronos and engaged him. His wife Cornelia also fought alongside him due to the fact that she was the Key of Kresnik before Elle Mel Marta in the prime dimension. Cornelia died during the battle, and when Julius discovered this, he became enraged and left the household, unseen for a long period of time. A year later, Bisley slept with Claudia Il Kresnik, Cornelia's sister; however, she too disappeared. Sometime after that, Bisley became the new President of the Spirius Corporation and began his plan to create a world where spirits were nothing but obedient tools for humans to use.

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Bisley is first seen onboard a train, where he encounters Ludger, and upon seeing his fighting stance and technique, he quickly realizes that Ludger is Julius's younger brother and also realizes that he's his son when his assistant Vera states that they do not share a mother. When Ludger and Jude Mathis go to stop the train, Bisley and Vera remain behind with Elle before she realizes that her pocket watch is missing, and upon hearing Elle mention that she cannot reach the Land of Canaan without it, Bisley quickly makes his way to the front car, where he finds Julius slaughtering Exodus members. After a brief exchange of words, Julius tries to attack him but is interrupted by an Exodus member. Ludger then has the option to protect Bisley or Elle, although, regardless of decision, Ludger enters his chromatus form for the first time and kills the Exodus agent. Then, along with Jude and Elle, he enters a fractured dimension.

Later, Bisley learns that Ludger successfully managed to destroy the dimension, and he orders Rideaux Zek Rugievit to heal him, Jude, and Elle, knowing well that he would ask for payment for his services as a means to test Ludger's character and resolve. At Ludger's apartment, Bisley tells him that he is now a suspect in the case for Julius's arrest, and that the best way to clear his name would be to find Julius. However, after the police gain a warrant for Ludger's arrest, he tells Ludger that he wants to make him a member of Spirius and gives him two leads in Helioborg and Marksburg. When Ludger comes back with an apprehended Julius, Bisley makes Ludger a full agent for the Department of Dimensional Affairs and teaches him how to wield his chromatus. He then tasks him with retrieving the five lost Waymarkers, artifacts necessary to enter Canaan in order to complete Origin's Trial.

Once the five Waymarkers are gathered and the Land of Canaan is revealed, Bisley appears from the group and defends them against Chronos. He then reveals that he knows how to reach Canaan: through a soul bridge formed from the life of a chromatus wielder. Elle, upon hearing this, makes a deal with Bisley to take him to Canaan so that Ludger's life would not be used. Bisley accepts this offer knowing that Elle is the Key of Kresnik who wields Origin's void powers and the counter to Chronos. Before leaving, Bisley makes Ludger his Vice President, puts a stop to Ludger's forced loan payments, and leaves a video of his intentions as well as the truth of Origin's Trial: that should no one reach Origin before the millionth divergence catalyst is created, Origin will leave humanity to its destruction. Bisley intends to use his wish upon completing Origin's Trial to make his world of spirit subjugation come true and tasks Spirius with stopping Ludger from following.

Bisley then uses Rideaux's life as his soul bridge into Canaan and uses Elle to traverse the traps Chronos left behind. He makes it to the Gate of Judgment just as the 999,999th catalyst is created and is confronted by Chronos. Bisley attacks Chronos only to be captured alongside Elle, necessitating Ludger's group to weaken the Great Spirit. While Chronos is wounded, Bisley breaks from his cage using Elle's Key of Kresnik powers combined with his chromatus transformation, which takes Chronos out of the fight. Ludger's group then faces him in order to prevent him from obtaining his wish. The powers of a full chromatus user are too much, and Bisley breaks Ludger's pocket watch. This action allows Elle's fractured version of the pocket watch to enter the prime dimension, with which Ludger forms a true pact to achieve full chromatus and defeats Bisley. Now surpassed by Ludger, Bisley is on the verge of becoming a catalyst. Rather than letting his life play into Origin's Trial, he commits suicide. As he dies, Bisley punches the Gate of Judgment and curses all spirits.

Appearance and Personality[]

Bisley is a giant of a man wearing a long red coat and a black professional suit underneath, bearing a white goatee and hair that is neatly swept back. At first glance, Bisley is a genius and talented man, successfully making Spirius into one of the most influential corporations in the world; however, as the story progresses, his true nature begins to reveal itself. He used his own wife to try to kill Chronos so that he would not interfere with their mission to retrieve the Waymarkers, and he would likely even use Ludger if he learned that he would be born with chromatus abilities, hence why Cornelia's sister Claudia hid Ludger from him. Bisley also judges people not only by how they act, but also how they perform, hence why he tasks Ludger with finding and apprehending Julius, even making him an agent of the Spirius Corporation.

Bisley is also ruthless and will do anything to make his wish come true, proving to be a powerful adversary when confronted. He, along with Ludger, are the only members of the Kresnik family to date that manage to gain a complete chromatus, excluding Ludger's fractured self, Victor. However, upon seeing Ludger's determination to save Elle, even going so far as to make a pact with the watch itself, despite the risks involved, he allows Ludger to make his dream come true, and even kills himself before he can turn into a divergence catalyst.

Fighting Style[]

Bisley Cut-in (ToX2)

Cut-in image for Absolute Fist in Tales of Xillia 2.

Similar to Jude, Bisley fights in close-quarters combat and uses hand-to-hand techniques in a boxing-like style; however, what makes him dangerous is that, unlike Victor, who enters his chromatus at different points in the battle, Bisley is in his chromatus form throughout the entire battle. Though a majority of his artes are melee-orientated, he does have one that allows him to send his spear flying upward and make bullets rain down upon the target, similar to Ludger and Alvin's Squall Shot arte.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Rays: Last Cradle[]

In Tales of the Rays, Bisley is exoflected into Tir Na Nog. After the fall of the Asgard Empire, Bisley plans to use their technology to dominate the spirits once again. After Victor uses Zero Divide to destroy a mechanical weapon while sneaking into an enemy base, Bisley appears before Victor. To the latter's shock and horror, Bisley knows not only how Victor is the fractured counterpart of Ludger, but that his daughter, Elle, is the Key of Kresnik. Despite Victor's best attempts to stop him, Bisley ends up subduing Victor.

After word gets out of Victor's recent capture, Ludger, Elle, Julius, Milla Maxwell and her fractured counterpart, Gaius, Muzet and Ivar raid Bisley's base of operations to free Victor. As they make their escape, Bisley appears in their path, and reveals his plan. Despite everyone's best efforts, Bisley proves to be too much, but in the heat of the moment, Ludger activates full chromatus, and uses it to defeat Bisley. Having succeeded, Ludger tells Bisley that he does not agree with Bisley's ideas, saying that humans and spirits should walk together.