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Bloody Cross as it appears in Tales of Destiny 2.

Bloody Cross (ブラッディクロス Buraddikurosu?) is a powerful Dark-elemental spell in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

Bloody Cross first appears in Tales of Destiny 2 as an extension to Shadow Edge. The move involves a large cross of bloody energy emerging from the spear of Shadow Edge. In Tales of Rebirth, a large pool of blood appears on the ground beneath the target, giving birth to a great, purple cross that damages nearby enemies before vanishing.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny 2

User: Barbatos
Japanese Quote: 微塵に砕けろ!

Tales of Rebirth

Japanese Description: 裁きの十字架で敵を葬る闇系導術。敵の大きさ・重さによっては高威力が期待できる。

User: Mao
Japanese Quote: 裁きの十字よ、敵を討て!ブラッディクロス!
Translated Quote: "O cross of judgment, strike down mine enemy! Bloody Cross!"[1]