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Bloody Howling as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Bloody Howling (ブラッディハウリング Buraddihauringu?) is a powerful Dark- or Curse-elemental spell, often appearing as the strongest of its element.

Arte Description and History

Bloody Howling as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

When the spell is activated, it usually entails the assault of the enemies by a dark or otherworldly force, sometimes described as an anathema that ravages the enemy party. This spell first appeared in Tales of Eternia as the most powerful Dark-elemental spell that can be obtained. Once cast, a portal is opened near the enemy, from which a howling shade appears. It cycles across the entire screen twice, damaging everything in its path until it disappears.

In Tales of Legendia, Bloody Howling is Grune's default spell, appearing as a large, pulsating dark ball that damages enemies near it. Unlike the other games in the series, the spell is classified as mid-tier spell instead of its usual advanced tier classification. In Tales of the Abyss, it is manifested in a vortex of darkness that lifts any enemies within the area of effect into the air. After the spell dissipates, it will leave behind a fully-charged Dark FOF Circle. Using the spell within a fully-charged Water or Dark FOF Circle will change the arte into Maelstrom, making it one of the few artes that can be changed with a field of its own element.

It appeared in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, despite its absence in the original. It can be used by Richter Abend in battle, when fighting with him during various sidequest events or against him as an enemy. It can also be used by some Dark-elemental monsters. Its effect matches that of Tales of the Abyss, in which a vortex of darkness damages all enemies within range. It is also a "Second Movement" of a Dark-elemental monster ally's Unison Attack, attainable by having at least one Dark-elemental monster in the active party, as well as two minor element symbols matching its associated element on the Elemental Grid or one major field that matches one minor field.

In Tales of Vesperia, Bloody Howling appears as an altered arte learned by Rita Mordio. Small blue flames form an octagon-like glyph on the ground, and pink-red flames of dark energy erupt from the ground as it cries out an eerie moan. The spell is altered from Rita's advanced level Dark spell, Violent Pain.

In Tales of Arise, the spell is largely downgraded and manifests as wisps of Dark astral energy swirling around the target and rushing through it several times.


Bloody Howling used by Duke Pantarei in Tales of the Rays.

Original Titles

Crossover Titles


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Eternia

Localized Description: "The enemy is shredded by a screaming curse. Dark Arte."[2]

Tales of Legendia

Japanese Description: 死霊の呼び声で敵を呪い殺す文字通りの呪文
Localized Description: "Mid: Cry out a dark curse. ATR.: Curse."[3]

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Description: 呪いの叫びが敵を引き裂く上級譜術。
Localized Description: "High: Scream a curse to tear the enemy apart."[4]

User: Anise Tatlin
Japanese Quote: 魂をも凍らす魔狼の咆哮、響き渡れ!ブラッディハウリング!
Localized Quote: "O hellion, whose roar chills the very soul, resound... Bloody Howling!"

User: Arietta
Japanese Quote: 魔狼の咆哮よ!ブラッディハウリング!
Localized Quote: "O hellions, roar! Bloody Howling!"

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Japanese Description: 呪いの叫びが敵を引き裂く上級魔術。

Localized Quote: "O hellion, whose roar chills the very soul, resound... Bloody Howling!"

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Description: 呪いの叫びで、闇の力を反発、反響させる事で 範囲にいる敵を滅ぼすスキル変化術
Localized Description: "Altered Arte: Summon the force of darkness, destroying those that get caught in the force field."

User: Rita Mordio
Normal Spellcasting Time:
Japanese Quote: 集え暗き炎よ 、宴の客を戦慄の歌で迎えもてなせ!ブラッディハウリング!
Translated Quote: "Flames of gathering darkness, welcome our invited guest to your banquet and entertain them with your song of horror! Bloody Howling!"
Localized Quote: "O gathering flames of darkness, treat our dear guests to the strains of your terrible song... Bloody Howling!"

Shortened Casting Time:
Japanese Quote: 黄泉への誘い!ブラッディハウリング!
Translated Quote: "Invitation to hell! Bloody Howling!"
Localized Quote: "The final curtain draws near... Bloody Howling!"

User: Duke (First form)
Japanese Quote: 宙に谺せし戦慄なる魔狼の嘆き!
Localized Quote: O terrible wolf, whose lamentation echoes through the heavens... Ha!

User: Duke (Second form)
Japanese Quote: おののけ、魔狼の咆哮に!ブラッディハウリング!
Localized Quote: "Fear the roar of the wolf! Bloody Howling!"

Tales of Innocence R

Japanese Description: 対象を中心に魔法陣を展開させ 噴き上げる瘴気で攻撃する上級術

Japanese Quote: 魂をも凍らす魔狼の咆哮、喰らい尽くせ!ブラッディハウリング!

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 共鳴させた闇の力で容易に敵を引き裂く術
Localized Description: "An arte that easily shreds foes with the power of darkness."

User: Grune
Japanese Quote: 地の底より来る叫びよ。ブラッディハウリング!

User: Arietta
Japanese Quote: 魔狼の咆哮、喰らい尽くせ!ブラッディハウリング!

User: Duke Pantarei
Japanese Quote: 滅せよ!ブラッディハウリング!

User: Shizel
Japanese Description:


Japanese Quote: 冥府より来たれ!ブラッディハウリング!

Tales of Arise

Japanese Description: 暗黒の嘆きが敵に纏わりつく闇属性の中級術
Localized Description: "An intermediate dark arte that invokes an ominous howl upon an enemy."

Japanese Quote: 血塗られし共鳴が貴様を劈く!ブラッディハウリング!
Localized Quote: "A scream bathed in blood, rending you apart! Bloody Howling!"