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Blue Earth as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Blue Earth (ブルー・アース / ブルーアース Buruu Aasu / Buruuaasu?) is the finale of several mystic arte extensions that appear in multiple games in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

In its initial appearance in Tales of Eternia, the arte summons a large blue sphere from the sky to inflict heavy damage to all enemies, also changing the background music for the remainder of that battle. In addition to all of its appearances, it fully recovers the HP of all allies in the party and provides bonus EXP after the end of the battle. In this game, Blue Earth is activated as the finale ending to the chain of extensions after summoning the Greater Craymel Maxwell. The arte is activated by holding the "X" (PlayStation X Button.png), "Circle" (PlayStation Circle Button.png), "Square" (PlayStation Square Button.png), and "Triangle" (PlayStation Triangle Button.png) buttons during the previous extension, Dimensional Material, while controlling either Meredy or Keele Zeibel, whoever performs the Maxwell summon, provided that enough TP remains for the arte through the use of a Derris Emblem and Mental Ring.

In Tales of Rebirth, this arte appears as a Fusionic Force Finality that requires Hilda Rhambling, Eugene Gallardo, and Mao to be present in the party. While Eugene has no role in activating this particular arte, he is required to be present to enable the activation of Dual the Sol with Hilda. In the PlayStation 2 version, Hilda and Mao must be set to either "Manual" or "Semi-Auto" mode, using two controllers attached to the system to control both characters directly. In the PlayStation Portable port of the game, only Hilda is required to be controlled by the player due to the lack of multiplayer capability for the handheld system. Once activated, the enemy is taken to space where a bright, blue semi-sphere appears from behind another blue-like planet, where the one remaining enemy is instantly knocked out.

In its later appearance in Tales of Graces ƒ, the arte can only be activated if the player presses all buttons required for the previous extensions during the final battle against the final boss in the Lineage and Legacies story arc. The arte cannot be used directly by any playable character as a fully learned arte, preventing it from being used separately in other battles. In addition to this, the Dual the Sol extensions are exclusive to the final boss, in spite of being activated by the player through button inputs. When she is at critical health, Dual the Sol automatically activates, whether or not she has achieved Eleth Break. After activating each extension in consecutive order, Blue Earth represents the final extension, activated by the character who was targeted by the final boss. Upon activation, everybody is taken to outer space as a giant, blue sphere slowly emerges from behind another giant planetoid, shining brilliantly as the screen brightens. This arte deals the final blow to the final boss, ending the battle. This version is written without the interpunct between "Blue" and "Earth".

This arte is thematically linked to two other chains of mystic artes, culminating in the artes Princess of Mermaid and Celestial Earth. Each of these artes require previous extensions to be performed, though the latter case does not require them to be activated immediately in consecutive order. Upon completion, like with Blue Earth, the artes provide bonus experience to the party.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Graces ƒ

User: Asbel Lhant
Japanese Quote: 負けてたまるか!俺たちが…繋ぎ止めてみせる!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Makete tamaru ka! Oretachi ga…tsunagi tomete miseru! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "As if we'll lose! We’ll show you our endurance! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "I won't lose! We will persevere! Blue Earth!"

User: Sophie
Japanese Quote: 私達が、未来を紡ぐ!この一撃で!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Watashitachi ga, mirai o tsumugu! Kono ichigeki de! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "We will spin the future! With this one blow! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "We will protect the future! Just one shot! Blue Earth!"

User: Hubert Oswell
Japanese Quote: 僕たちが、遺恨を断ち切る!この奥義!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Bokutachi ga, ikon o tachikiru! Kono ougi! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "We will sever off all grudges! With this secret technique! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "All conflict shall end here! Behold! Blue Earth!"

User: Cheria Barnes
Japanese Quote: 好きにはさせない!私達が、明日を掴む!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Sukini wa sasenai! Watashitachi ga, ashita o tsukamu! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "Don't do as you like! We will grasp tomorrow! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "You won't get away! We must catch hold of tomorrow! Blue Earth!"

User: Richard
Japanese Quote: 調子に乗らせん!僕達の、意思は揺らがない!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Choushi ni nora sen! Bokutachi no, ishi wa yuraganai! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "Don't get carried away! Our intentions won't waver! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "Keep them at bay! Our resolve will never falter! Blue Earth!"

User: Malik Caesar
Japanese Quote: 詰めが甘いな。俺達には、譲れないものがある!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Tsumegaamai na. Oretachi ni wa, yuzurenai mono ga aru! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "How naive. We have things we cannot yield! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "Your guard's down! Some things we just cannot give up! Blue Earth!"

User: Pascal
Japanese Quote: 意地でも負けない!あたしたちの!夢を!貫く!ブルーアース!!
Romanized Quote: Iji demo makenai! Atashitachi no! Yume o! Tsuranuku! Buruu Aasu!
Translated Quote: "We will not lose at any cost! Our! Dreams! Will prevail! Blue Earth!"
Localized Quote: "We won't lose! We will carry on our dreams! Blue Earth!"