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Boccos (ToAsteria).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Zaphias
Race Human
Occupation Imperial Knight
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Toshiharu Sakurai

Boccos (ボッコス?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia. Yuri Lowell calls him Tweedle B (ボコ?).


Boccos is a small knight of the Schwann Brigade, alongside Adecor and Leblanc. He is a comic relief character due to his lack of combat prowess and often serves to inadvertently function as a tutorial for the game's fighting mechanics.

Fighting Style

Boccos can only swing his spear in two different directions, as well as a straight thrust. He can also leap forward and bash his opponent with his shield. Due to his lack of fighting talent, he can only perform two strike artes, Spin Attack and Storm Thrust. His Burst Arte is Havoc Blast.