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Botta (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Race Half-elf
Occupation Renegade Officer
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Takaya Kuroda (ToS:TA)

Botta (ボータ Boota?) is a character in Tales of Symphonia, established as a high-ranking member of the Renegades, and is assumed to be the leader until Yuan Ka-Fai is revealed. Very little is known about his past, other than being a half-elf.



Botta is first seen when he and a group of Renegades are attacking the Martel Temple. As the oracle has just arrived, they plan to kill the Chosen before she can begin her journey. Lloyd Irving, Genis Sage, and Colette Brunel arrive, and Botta sends a few Renegades to kill them. Kratos Aurion arrives and assists in the defeat of these soldiers, forcing Botta to retreat. When Lloyd escapes from his prison cell in the Sylvarant Base, Botta encounters him in the control room together with Yuan. When the rest of the group come to save him, Botta engages in a battle with them, wielding an Exsphere-enhanced scimitar and using several spells. He is eventually defeated, and Kratos breaks his weapon.

Botta retreats again. Once Colette loses her heart and soul at the Tower of Salvation, Botta and a few other Renegades rescue the group from Kratos and Yggdrasill. They are brought back to the Sylvarant Base. Botta and Yuan explain to Lloyd's group how Cruxis and the Desians are the same organization, and the Renegades exist in order to stop them from awakening Martel. This would destroy the Great Seed, as well as the world they live on. Colette is no longer their target; it is now Lloyd. However, Yuan's wound caused by Kratos in Hima interferes with their attempted capture of Lloyd, and while Botta worries over Yuan, the party manages to escape into Tethe'alla.

Botta appears with Yuan in a boss fight in the Tethe'allan Base to stop the protagonists from stealing the Rheairds. Botta fights with a new sword as well as more powerful spells while Yuan uses a large double-ended blade and even more powerful spells than Botta. They are defeated again as an earthquake, caused by the earlier severed mana link, distracts the two Renegades. At the remains of the destroyed Palmacosta Human Ranch, Botta, Yuan, and several other Renegades meet up with Lloyd's group to discuss this time a permanent alliance. They explain their plans to germinate the Great Seed and awaken a new Kharlan Tree. To save the Great Seed, they plan to supply it with mass amounts of mana using Derris-Kharlan and assist Lloyd in infiltrating the Remote Island Human Ranch.


Botta meets his end in the Remote Island Human Ranch, after Rodyle is defeated. When Rodyle activates the self-destruct sequence Botta and two other Renegades enter, showing the group to an exit while they stay to deactivate it. They succeed in saving the ranch and the group, although the control room begins to fill with water. The party tries to break the door and glass, but it is useless. Botta tells Lloyd to give the message to Yuan that they have succeeded before the door closes, locking him and his assistants in and leaving them to drown. After his death, there is not much mention of Botta, except when the group returns to the Sylvarant Base to report to Yuan. Yuan seems to have predicted that Botta died, and does not show any sadness, angering Lloyd.

Appearance and Personality

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Botta has a serious and professional attitude in all situations, and is seen preferring not to waste time in meaningless battles, as seen when he shrugs Lloyd's relief of him being okay off, stating that it could be saved for later.

Fighting Style

Botta is fought twice in Tales of Symphonia, once near the beginning in the Sylvarant Base and once with Yuan in the Tethe'alla Base. In both fights, he attacks with a combination of sword strikes and low to mid rank spells. Most of Botta's artes are of the Earth element, such as Rock Breaker, Stalagmite, and Ground Dasher. Like most human bosses, he is capable of entering Over Limit. Botta uses a different sword in his second fight due to the destruction of his first sword. In the PS2 remake he gains a new arcane arte, Decimation Field.


  • In the localized version of the game, Botta speaks with a British dialect.