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Brad (ToZtX).png
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Occupation Leader of the Windriders
Weapon Knives (ToZtX)
Japanese Voice Actor Akio Otsuka (ToZtX)
English Voice Actor Ray Hurd (ToZtX)

Brad (ブラド?) is a minor character in Tales of Zestiria. He was the leader of the infamous mercenaries called the Windriders.


Brad found a young Rose lost on a battlefield and saved her, bringing her into his mercenary band.

Years later, due to their high reputation, the Windriders were offered the chance to join with the Rolance Empire, which they accepted. Tragedy struck when Imperial Prince Konan, the one who reached out to them, became a hellion and betrayed the Windriders. He accused Brad of conspiring and framed him for the murder of Prince Leon, Konan's older brother, and had him arrested and executed.

Appearance and Personality

Brad is never seen within the game itself, but appears in the anime adaptation, Tales of Zestiria the X. There, he is shown to be a tall man with bright blue eyes and a strong build. His brown hair is short and scruffy, with five white spikes at the front and center of his hairline spiking upwards. He has thick brown sideburns and eyebrows, and a horseshoe mustache. Brad wears a white, sleeveless shirt that closes in the front and has a standing collar. Over that he wears an open black, sleeveless bolero. The bottom and collar are lined with white fur, and there are two yellow buttons on the front, one on each side. He wears blacks pants and black boots with a cuff, also lined with white fur. His brown belt has two sheaths layered on top of one another on the back for carrying his knives, both light brown with dark brown tips. Brad wears a pendant around his neck; an orange orb on a brown clasp carried by a black thread, and bracers on his forearms that resemble a series of brown belts. At the center of his left shoulder is a light green tattoo which resembles a wing surrounded by two streaks, and represents the Windriders.

Not much is known about Brad in Tales of Zestiria, except that he is good at bringing people together and would always carry Rose on his back.

In the manga adaptation, Tales of Zestiria: A Time of Guidance, Brad is shown to have a strong faith in the seraphim; he leaves them offerings and believes that they watch over his band.

In Tales of Zestiria the X, Brad's character is heavily expanded upon. He is a kind and honest man who devotes himself to helping the weak, and believes in doing what he can here and now as opposed to waiting. Brad is openhearted, grounded, and always looks towards the future. He has a casual way of speaking and an equally casual demeanor, but often talks with an experienced wisdom. With Rose, he is shown to be a loving father, frequently spending time with her and even carrying her on his shoulders. Dedicated to his cause and honest with his daughter, Brad has taught Rose to kill when she needs to in order to protect the people in front of her. He does not have tolerance for cruelty, and considers such actions to be animal behavior.

Other Appearances

Tales of Zestiria the X

Brad is given a much more significant role in Tales of Zestiria the X. He was a jack-of-all trades that sold supplies and weapons, and fought in numerous wars. He traveled all over the continent, single-handedly bringing the Windriders to greatness. More than anything, he was a friend to the weak. Living by the words "immediate justice before unreachable ideals," Brad always defended those in need and fought for the underdog.

During a drizzle in a ruined village, Brad kneels down to see the small Rose, who is watching him cautiously.

Brad and a young Rose (ToZtX)

One day, on the remains of a battlefield, Brad found a young Rose being attacked. He rescued her and, with the support of his team, chased off the ruffians. Brad then gave her one of his knives, a means to protect herself, and took her in as his daughter. Rose followed Brad everywhere he went, and he taught her everything he knew; even as a child, she came to adopt his views on protecting the helpless.

Years later, Brad met Prince Konan. The Prince requested aid in a war, promising a quick end to it, and convinced the Windriders that their ideals could be achieved, even pledging himself to marry Rose to seal the deal. The Windriders held up their end of the bargain and attained total victory in the war, at the cost of many lives. The Prince never honored his end of the deal, and instead had the team ambushed. Many members were killed, Brad included.

Brad's legacy continued to live on in Dezel, a Wind seraph who had sworn to follow him. To uphold the man's ideals and attain revenge against Konan, Dezel manipulated Rose into creating the Scattered Bones, an assassin's guild that killed those who victimized the weak. Through these manipulations, Dezel instilled his and Brad's dreams into her.


  • In Tales of Zestiria, Brad is only mentioned by name during an optional sequence in Malory Forest.