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Brambert Milene
Brambert Milene
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Elf Colony
Height 180 cm
Race Elf
Occupation Lord of the Elves
Weapon Bow
Japanese Voice Actor •Kouji Tsujitani (ToP:TA)
•Tetsu Inada (PSP)
English Voice Actor Kim Strauss (ToP:TA)
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Brambert Milene (ブラムバルド・ミレネー Buramubaruto Mirenee?) is a character in Tales of Phantasia. He is known as the "Lord of the Elves" and lives in the Elf Colony, which is hidden by the Ymir Forest. He is skilled with both bow and magic.



Years before the past timeline in Tales of Phantasia, the relationship between humans and elves deteriorated and ended when the elves went into seclusion within Ymir Forest. Half-elves were also discriminated against, but Brambert had feelings for the half-elf Arsia, though he denies this.

Role in the Plot[]

One day, Brambert is approached by Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, and Claus F. Lester, who ask him how to fix broken Pact Rings. Brambert takes the trio deep within Treantwood to the Black Stone, which he states contains the power of the Spirit Origin, a being of such magnificent power that elven legend claims he appeared only once in history, during the Ragnarok War. The Black Stone repairs the Pact Ring, and Brambert directs his visitors to the Tower of the Zodiac, where he heard a Spirit dwells. As the group departs, Cress asks if they can fix a bow that is special to him, but Brambert tells him to take it to a skilled bowsmith instead.

Brambert Portrait (ToP SFC)

Portrait in Tales of Phantasia (SFC).

When they return to the Elf Colony, sentries tell the group they have captured a half-elf spying. Prepared to mete out punishment for a capital offense, Brambert is interrupted by a pink-haired elf pleading leniency. Brambert grants this request by imprisoning the elf woman instead. He then dismisses the travelers, but Cress returns once more to ask about the bow, in which he agrees to allow them to see the village bowsmith. Not long afterward, the travelers return and plead for Brambert to accompany them, as Arsia has turned their friend, Arche Klein, to stone. Upon hearing this, he agrees and proceeds to speak with Arsia alone. The half-elven woman longs for Brambert to live with her, but Brambert claims he can not abandon his people. Arsia then threatens to leave Arche as a statue, but Brambert offers himself instead as his price for involving innocent people in their private matter. Arsia frees Arche and turns Brambert to stone.

Years later, Brambert awakens to find that Arsia has released him and turned herself to stone. He finds a bow, the same bow which brought them together years before, now fixed. Understanding her plea, he decides to not return to his people, despite their attempts to bring him back, and live with her instead. He is eventually visited by the same individuals from years prior, and learns of their desperate fight throughout time to defeat Dhaos, the "Demon King". Brambert returns the bow to its rightful owner and declares he will live with Arsia until her heart recovers.

Brambert Milene (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Brambert is visited once more by the travelers, but attempts to send them away, knowing they are on a crucial mission to defeat Dhaos and should not concern themselves with his private affairs. He is then interrupted by the elves of the village who wish to bring their leader back, but he orders them to wait as he speaks with his guests. Brambert tells the group that he has been thinking of elf and half-elf relations. He explains to them how humans are now accepted by elves and have been accepted in return, but half-elves are still universally discriminated against. He then claims relations do not improve because many wish to avoid the mistakes of the past, where half-elf scientists hastened the development of magitech. Brambert remains with Arsia to punish himself, leaving his people leaderless, yet unable to let go of his position at the same time.

Arche becomes unable to hold her peace. A half-elf herself, she understands the prejudice, but demands Brambert realize his attempts to stay with Arsia for penance only hurts her more. She believes feelings matter most, and the hourglass philosophy he holds between his duty and love angers her. Brambert then realizes he loves Arsia, and this love breaks the spell held on her. The two embrace, and Brambert decisively tells the elves to elect a new leader, as he will live with Arsia from now onward. The travelers leave, and Brambert and Arsia continue to live together.

Appearance and Personality[]

Brambert Sprite (ToP GBA)

Brambert is a kind and compassionate leader. However, his indecisive attitude tends interfere with his judgment, often forcing him to abandon his responsibilities as a leader. At times he can be very strict, particularly regarding half-elves. Nonetheless, his feelings alter, and he lets go of his hatred when he realizes his love for Arsia.



  • Brambert was originally intended to be a playable character in the Super Famicom version of the game, but this feature was cut due to the limited capacity of the cartridge. Kazuo Shiozawa was set to voice him. Despite advancement in the game's capacity throughout its subsequent versions, Brambert has never been made playable.