Brave Vesperia
Game Tales of Vesperia
Leader Karol Capel
Notable Members Yuri Lowell
This article is about a plot element in Tales of Vesperia. For the mystic arte of the same name, see Brave Vesperia (mystic arte).

Brave Vesperia (凛々の明星ブレイブヴェスペリア Rinrin no Myoujou / "Bureibuvesuperia"?, "Bravery of the Morning Star") is the name of the guild founded by Karol Capel and Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia, named after the brightest star in the sky.


The star "Brave Vesperia" is said to be the "brother" of the Child of the Full Moon and "son" of Terca Lumireis. It is revealed during the story that it is a large blastia suspended in space, paired with Zaude. When Estelle recounts the story of the star's existence, she tells the group of a "great cataclysm [...] that plunged the world into ruin", and that "a pair of siblings appeared, [...] fought the calamity, and saved the world from annihilation". The brother, known as "Brave Vesperia", "ascended to the skies to watch over the world".

The guild was formed when Karol was forced to leave the Hunting Blades, and it was named to honor the star. However, the guild has yet to define any specific type of employment preferences, such as battling monsters like the Hunting Blades or studying ruins like Ruins' Gate. By the end of the story, the guild has organized warehouses, found missing objects, made deliveries, and participated in tournaments in the coliseum. The guild consists of four official members: Karol, Yuri, Repede, and Judith.


  • Vesper means "evening" in Classical Latin.
  • "Brave Vesperia" is used as the name of a dualblade weapon for Hubert Oswell in the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Graces. The weapon's description refers to itself as being "a weapon named after the brightest star in the sky".

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