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This article is about a mystic arte in Tales of Vesperia. For the plot element of the same name, see Brave Vesperia.

Brave Vesperia (凛々の明星ブレイブヴェスペリア Rinrin no Myoujou / "Bureibuvesuperia"?, "Bravery of the Morning Star") is one of the final boss's optional mystic artes, available as the Radiant Winged One in Tales of Vesperia. It combines elements of the first mystic artes used by the playable characters into a single devastating attack.

Arte Description and History[]

When activated, Duke charges a tower of energy like Raven's Blast Heart, but instead of releasing it, he then slashes the foe like Repede's Slash!! technique. In the wake of this blow, he releases four elemental spheres that violently converge like Rita Mordio's Ancient Catastrophe. Duke follows with an uppercut reminiscent of Judith's Radiant Moonlight. While airborne, he turns and throws his weapon at the foes below him, like Karol Capel's Overlord Reign Impact. Once he falls to the floor, he charges and slashes at the foe in the same manner as the final slash of Yuri Lowell's Savage Wolf Fury, complete with extra slashes after he passes by. Finally, he rises to the heavens and hits the foes with a massive blast of energy nearly exactly like Estelle's Sacred Penance attack. The final portion of the arte also restores Duke's health. This mystic arte does not change to accommodate Flynn and Patty's mystic artes, in spite of their fully playable status as party members in the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition versions of the game.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Vesperia[]

Japanese Quote: 参る!汝らが現し身、我が掌中にあり!…せいッ!散れ!…はあッ!…ふんッ!…斬…!ブレイブ!ヴェスペリア!
Romanized Quote: Mairu! Nanjiraga arawashi mi, waga shouchuu ni ari!... Sei! Chire!… Ha! Fun! ...Zan!... Bureibu! Vesuperia!
Localized Quote: "Now, your very beings are now within my grasp!... Sei! Die!... Ha! Hragh! ...Tah!... Brave Vesperia!"