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Break Soul (ブレイクソウル Bureikusouru?) is an arte type and battle feature exclusive to Tales of Berseria.


Similarly to the "Chain Blast" Battle Action from Tales of Zestiria, this action allows the player to raise the upper limit of artes in a combo, but with a new effect of invoking a unique special action that differs depending on the character. Break Souls have between three to four tiers and are gained by leveling. When a character has three Souls or more, the player can expend one Soul to execute a Break Soul by pressing the PlayStation R2 Button.png button. Break Souls also have a variety of support abilities attached to them, and all playable characters' Soul Breaks restore their HP and BG. All Break Souls also give a Soul to any enemy nearby. Enemies are also capable of performing Break Souls with the same restrictions and effects, though they do not restore HP.

The following is a list of each playable character's Break Soul in the game: