Brilliant Overlord (TotA)

Brilliant Overlord as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Brilliant Overlord (閃覇瞬連刃 Senpa Shunrenjin?, "Flashing Supreme Blink Chain Blade") is a mystic arte in Tales of the Abyss, originally exclusive to the localized North American release on the PlayStation 2 and later integrated into the Japanese versions of the game with the Nintendo 3DS version.

Arte Description and History

Brilliant Overlord can be used only after having mastered Final Cross and only if the game has been completed and saved at least once, creating a cleared data file on the memory card. In addition, Guy must be equipped with the Jewel of Gardios weapon, gained via a sidequest, and must have less than 50% of his maximum HP. If each of these conditions are fulfilled, then Brilliant Overlord may be performed by using Final Cross while Over Limit mode is activated.

The move features Guy flipping backward, slashing the air multiple times and sending waves of energy flying toward the enemy. He then pauses for a moment and releases several more energy waves before bringing his sword toward his sheath. As he does so, a ball of energy appears between himself and his foe, damaging them several more times. The ball then explodes, dealing one final strike, as Guy locks his blade within its sheath.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the Abyss

User: Guy Cecil
Japanese Quote: 神速の斬り、見切れるか!閃覇瞬連刃!勝てない勝負はするもんじゃないぜ!
Romanized Quote: Shinsoku no kiri, mikireru ka! Senpa Shunrenjin! Katenai shoubu wa suru mon ja nai ze!
Translated Quote: "Can you see through these slashes of godlike speed?! Senpa Shunrenjin! You don't fight a battle you can't win!"
Localized Quote: "Prepare yourself for a blinding storm! Brilliant Overlord! Never fight a battle you can't win."


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