Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Graces
Race Human
Weapon Claws
Japanese Voice Actor Kouichi Sakaguchi

Bryce (ビアス Biasu?, "Bierce") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Graces. He is a guard to Richard and his fighting instructor.


Bryce is the first son of a prestigious family, using that position to serve as Richard's personal tutor. He join Richard when he is in Lhant. When Richard says he is not feeling well, Bryce pushes him to train anyway, angering Asbel Lhant enough to take his place. The two have a brief spar before another guard breaks it up, chastising Bryce for being provoked by a child. Bryce later follows Asbel, Richard, and Sophie to Lhant Hill, where Bryce attempts to assassinate Richard. Asbel and Sophie successfully fend him off, but Richard goes over the cliff in fear anyway. Bryce is then apprehended.

Seven years later, Bryce has gone more or less insane, disappearing from custody. He reappears in the Orlen Woods, where he attacks a band of soldiers and steals a Windor crest. The party confronts him and retrieves the crest, leaving the man to his delusions in the ruins of Orlen.

Fighting Style

Bryce uses claws and attacks with wild swings, desperate swings. In Tales of Graces ƒ, he gains access to several magic artes.