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Bureau of Civil Observation
Game Tales of Arise
Leader Ganabelt Valkyris
Notable Members Law
Headquarters Cysloden

The Bureau of Civil Observation (監察局の執行隊?), is a highly-feared secret police organization that reports directly under Lord Ganabelt Valkyris. Known commonly as the Snake Eyes (蛇の目 Hebi no Me?), it counts among its members Dahnan informants who report back news of any planned upbringings.


  • They are most likely inspired by the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, better known as Stasi, the secret police agency of East Germany. Like the Bureau, Stasi also made extensive use of informants in addition to official agents to spy on citizens. The Bureau also makes use of grey uniforms, which were extensively used by German states throughout the 20th century, including East Germany.