Game Tales of Link
Age 21
Height 185 cm
Weight 76 kg
Weapon Katanas
Japanese Voice Actor Masakazu Morita
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Caesar (シーザ Shiiza?) is a character in Tales of Link. He is Sara's brother and a member of the Nidhogg organization after being corrupted by the seeds of ruin, leaving disaster in his wake. Sara's goal is to find him and return him to his senses.


While on a journey, Caesar was attacked by monsters and was badly wounded. Fortunately, a woman from a nearby village found him and nursed him back to health. While staying in the village, he discovered that the villagers were being forced to pay taxes to the soldiers that were stationed in the village in order to protect it from the dangerous monsters that lived nearby. Wishing to repay the village for helping him, he decided to wipe out the monsters.

However, after heading to a nearby cave that was said to be the monsters' nest, he made a shocking discovery: the cave was actually the base of a group of assassins that worked for the military. He also learned that the assassins were posing as monsters so that the soldiers could extort money from the villagers in order to raise money for an upcoming war. After fighting his way through the assassins in the cave, he went back to the village to reveal what was really going on. However, when he got there, he discovered, to his horror, that the soldiers, who wanted to make sure that the other villages would never learn the truth behind their extortion efforts, slaughtered all of the villagers and made it look like a monster attack.

While burying the villagers, he encounters a mysterious man named Lillium. After Caesar tells him what happened to the village and how he was not able to save anyone, including the woman who saved him, Lillium, who is reminded of his of his own inability to save someone dear to him, tells Caesar that the reason that the real reason he was unable to save the village was because he was weak. When Caesar states his desire to become stronger, Lillium offers to give him the power he needs to end the cycle of pain and invites him to join Nidhogg. When Caesar agrees to the join the group, Lillium gives him a seed of ruin, corrupting Caesar and turning him into a loyal member of Nidhogg.

Appearance and Personality

Caesar is a tall man with black hair and piercing red eyes. He is fully armored, donning a gray jumpsuit that is mostly concealed by black and maroon plates on his torso, arms, and legs. In addition to this, he wields many swords: a great sword on his back, three katanas on his hips, and several others on his torso, arms, and hips.

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