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Caius Qualls
Appearance Tales of the Tempest
Hometown Feln
Age 15
Height 5'5" / 165 cm
Weight 123 lbs / 56kg
Race Half-Leymon
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Motoki Takagi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Caius Qualls (カイウス・クオールズ Kaiusu Kuooruzu?) is one of the protagonists in Tales of the Tempest.


As a boy, Caius lived with his foster father, Ramrus Qualls, in the small village of Feln, situated in a remote area of Areulla. Everything was peaceful until one day when a creature known as a Spot attacked, looking for Caius's crystal that had once belonged to a Black Knight. Hoping to protect the village, the young man attempts to fight off the Spots, but the monsters overpower him, eventually forcing Ramrus to change into a beast and protect his son. It is at this point that his foster father's identity as a Leymon is revealed to the villagers, who quickly called for Lukius Bridges and Rommy to take him away. Mourning over what he has lost, Caius vows revenge upon the Church and sets out to save Ramrus along with his childhood friend Rubia Natwick.

Caius has mixed blood, with his mother being the late Melissa Bridges of the Leymon race, and his father being the human Pope of the Church, Vincent Bridges. Because of this, his friends and even his foster father are unsure as to whether he will ever be able to transform into a beast. Forest Ledoyen especially seems to think it is impossible since he lacks the "Zanktu", a traditional mark of the Leymon that indicates their ability to transform into their beast forms.

Caius Status (TotT) 1.png

During the story, after the protagonists jump into the river around the capital Janna to escape the Black Knights, Caius, Arria Ekberg, and Ramrus become separated from the others and end up on an unknown shore. There they encounter Rommy, who uses her magic to forcefully transform Ramrus into his Leymon form and make him attack Caius and Arria. Caius is then forced to battle his own father. After Caius defeats Ramrus, Rommy turns Ramrus into stone, thus ending his life. Caius, fueled by rage and the desire for revenge, transforms into his Leymon form. With very little control over it, he goes berserk and quickly defeats Rommy in a battle. Rommy, realizing that Caius is too powerful, retreats.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Caius appears alongside Rubia as playable characters in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. They are two of the first nine party members the player can select from. Caius and Rubia are part of Chat's guild on the Van Eltia. They have no purpose in the story except in the beginning when they introduce themselves, but after that, they hardly do anything to progress the story. The player has the option of going on a hunting quest with the two most of the time. After Goede is finally defeated, he and Rubia are back on the Van Eltia observing the mana spreading across the world.

Tales of VS.

Caius Status (TotT) 2.png

Caius appears as the sole representative of Tales of the Tempest and is one of two characters, the other being Richter Abend, in the main game whose origin is from an Escort Title. During the game, he ventures with Mao from Tales of Rebirth. During one part of the story, Barbatos Goetia from Tales of Destiny 2 influences Caius's Leymon blood to go out of control, and he attacks Mao.

Tales of Crestoria

In Tales of Crestoria, Caius is looking for Rubia Natwick. He is tagged along with by Norma Beatty, who is looking for treasure.

Side Story

The two reach the caved-in Pasedy Mine, where they meet Velvet Crowe and Laphicet, who are looking for another way in. They help the two find another entrance to the cave, where Velvet senses the presence of an incarnation.