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Calvalese (カルバレイス Karubareisu?) is a region of the Er'ther Lands in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. Virtually all of the continent's inhabitants are members of the Aeth'er race, their ancestors having been exiled to the region following the Aeth'er Wars.


Calvalese is a hot, desert continent with rugged terrain and harsh weather, rendering living conditions poor. The most mountainous region of the planet, Calvalese has as much sand as it does greenland, and dangerous, lava-filled rivers created by active volcanoes are scattered across the continent. The region's poor conditions make it the most inhospitable part of the world, and this fact was well-known by the Er'ther race, who exiled the Atherians to live on the hellish continent as punishment for their actions during and prior to the Aeth'er Wars.

Access to the region is available through the port town of Cherik, which houses a branch of the Oberon Corporation, its branch manager being Baruk Songram. Directly north of Cherik lies the holy capital of Kalviola, a large, merchant-oriented city with a Straylize Temple. Isolated on the western half of the continent is Junkland, a terribly poor settlement with conditions attributed to the Aetherians having used the site has a garbage dump during the Aeth'er Wars era. In the future timeline of Tales of Destiny 2, Cherik becomes more of a fishing town, though it still retains its port, and Kalviola ceases to exist, its temple having relocated to an isolated area beyond Junkland, which has become Trash Mountain. The sequel also introduces Hope Town, an oasis settlement in the middle of the desert, where people live free from religious influence. Contrary to the remainder of the continent, the people in Hope Town are much friendlier toward strangers. The dangerous Heat River is located nearby.


  • Kalviola - The capital of the Calvalese region. It is home to a Straylize Temple and boasts trade with its numerous shops.
  • Cherik - The port town of Calvalese, which, much like other settlements in the region, has some particularly unfriendly locals.
  • Junkland - A highly unfavorable settlement where junk has accumulated in vast amounts, posing health risks to those who live there.
  • Hope Town - An oasis town exclusive to Tales of Destiny 2 whose residents reject the teachings of the Order of Atamoni.


Following the Aeth'er Wars, the Aethersphere was destroyed, and its aeropolis capital, Dycroft, and accompanying aerial cities of the Outer Shell were plunged into the ocean. The survivors of the Aeth'er race were then forced to live in Calvalese by the Erthers, as the continent's harsh environment was well-known during this time. The punishment was also deemed fitting because the Aetherians had used Calvalese as a garbage dump during the Aeth'er Wars, disposing of their unwanted trash and technology on the undesirable continent. Over time, these events have been forgotten by subsequent generations, though the Aeth'er inhabitants of Calvalese, whose ancestors were exiled to the region, are harsh toward foreigners and maintain an animosity against the Er'ther race that has only intensified as time has passed. Calvalese has no government or ruler, and most people in the region do not follow religion or believe in a god.