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Camberto Caves
Game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
World Aselia

The Camberto Caves are caverns home to various herbs and plant life in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. They are also home to the famous, yet uncommonly found, rosemary, which is the only cure for nazdrovie poison.


The first and second areas of the caves are full of tiny bridges; the mid-section area is a challenge that must be solved with the Sorcerer's Ring to move the tiny pieces of land floating in the water; and the final area is a long path that leads to the rosemary.


Emil Castagnier and his companions visit the Camberto Caves to find rosemary in order to heal Berg, a gel maker, and clear Regal Bryant's name. When they first arrive to the dungeon, Raine Sage explains to Emil and Marta Lualdi the ways Lloyd Irving thought during the Journey of World Regeneration. Halfway through the dungeon, the group stops for a while, and Emil tells himself he cannot give up on what he is doing. At the final area of the caves, the group finds the rosemary and heals it with light power. They then face a parasitic mushroom called "Amanita". Afterward, they return to Izoold. During a sidequest, Emil comes across Richter Abend in Triet, and he asks Emil to help him find the shell of a particular insect called the "Angelatops", which lives on rosemary. Emil suggests they search the Camberto Caves. After finding the shell, they travel to Iselia.