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Cantabile Skit (ToF2).png
Appearance Tales of Fandom Vol.2
Race Human
Occupation Oracle Officer
Weapon Sword

Cantabile (カンタビレ Kantabire?) is a character in Tales of Fandom Vol.2 who plays a major role in Tear Grants's quest. Despite not appearing in Tales of the Abyss, she is mentioned in one of Daath's library texts, in which she replaces Asch as 6th Division Commander of Special Operations within the Oracle Knights.


Cantabile was part of the Fon Master faction of the Oracle Knights and directly opposed Van Grants. Despite the library text in Daath that indicates Cantabile was, at some point prior to the events of Tales of the Abyss, a member of the God-Generals or at least associated with them, no other evidence suggests this. In N.D. 2017, Cantabile trained Tear at the Oracle Knights Academy in Daath. Due to her hatred for Van and Legretta, Cantabile treated Tear poorly at the academy. One day, Tear confronted Cantabile concerning her mistreatment, and Cantabile asked her why she wished to become an Oracle Knight. Tear replied that she wished to help her brother and work under him. This amused Cantabile, and she teased Tear, who was clearly offended, over it.

Afterward, Cantabile pitied Tear, informing her that there may be more to her brother than she knows. She instructed Tear to discover this for herself, and she handed her a map with a location marked. This location was revealed to be where Van was performing his hyperresonance experiments. When Tear ventured to the location, Van attempted to dismiss her doubts about him, informing her that he was working on a project that Fon Master Evenos entrusted him with. However, Tear refused to believe this. When Tear truly learned of Van's plans for a replicated world, she decided she must stop him at all costs, even it it meant killing him. Tear expressed her feelings to Cantabile and pleaded for her to allow her to work under Grand Maestro Mohs. Cantabile agreed, and Tear was then assigned to the Grand Maestro's First Intelligence Division.

Appearance and Personality

Cantabile dresses darker compared to the God-Generals and other Oracle Knights. Both her hair and attire are a deep, dulled violet color, and a wing-like addition to the right shoulder of her outfit reveals the under parts of her attire to be black. Her hair is cut short in a manner that seemingly conceals her sex, and her skin is pale, contrasting against the dark colors of her attire. She wears brown gloves and a brown eye patch over her left eye. Her weapon, a sword, is sheathed on her right side. She speaks with a ferocity that demands attention.


  • Most of the God-Generals' assumed names derive from musical terms. Despite not specifically stated ever to have been a God-General, Cantabile's name derives from the musical term of the same spelling, which is Italian for "singable" or "songlike".