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Cape Fortress
Game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
World Aselia

Cape Fortress is the Vanguard's headquarters and lost kingdom of the Sylvarant Dynasty in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


Emil Castagnier and his companions visit the area in order to save Seles Wilder. Inside, Sheena Fujibayashi falls down a trap door, and Regal Bryant leaves the group to search for her. Afterward, Emil, accompanied by Marta Lualdi and Zelos Wilder, travel through the base. After completing the Sorcerer's Ring challenge in the ruins, the group enters a large hall that leads to a duel between two people, who both appear to be Lloyd Irving. After revealing that one is Decus disguised as Lloyd, Alice arrives and reveals to everyone that Marta is Commander Brute Lualdi's only daughter. She threatens to kill Seles, but Colette Brunel arrives with Sheena and Regal in time to arrive to save Seles and escape. Afterward, the group goes on to battle and defeat Decus.

After the battle, the group ventures into the Grand Hall of the ruins and meets with Lloyd and the others. There, Alice and Decus explain the history of the Sylvarant Dynasty, but both of them escape to avoid another fight with the group. While escaping from the ruins, Lloyd agrees to work with Emil and threatens to take Emil's cores from him, but with all of the discouragement from his friends, he leaves on his Rheaird. Emil wants to go after him, but Zelos says that getting Seles back home comes first, as she has become exhausted due to the recent excitement.