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Capua Nor
Capua Nor (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Ilyccia

The Port of Capua Nor (港の街 カプワ・ノール Minato no Machi Kapuwa Nooru?), also known as Nor Harbor, is a port town located west of Ehmead Hill in Tales of Vesperia. It is a port town ruled by the tyrannical magistrate Ragou, and it rains constantly due to a blastia that can control the weather. After Ragou's death, the town returns to its former glory, a bright and sunny port that mirrors Capua Torim. Capua Nor is described as a thriving port under the jurisdiction of the Empire, while passenger liners, freight vessels, and military vessels frequent the port.


An Ominous Harbor

When the group first arrives here, they immediately notice the gloomy weather and depressing atmosphere, surprised that the port town is not more lively. The group soon notices a couple being harassed by a thug and an accountant who have been holding their son as collateral. The husband explains that because of the weather, no ships are allowed to sail, preventing him making any money to pay his taxes. The thug suggests he catch a "Rhybgaro" monster, and the accountant comments that with the horn, the couple will have their taxes cleared. The group is disgusted by this, with Karol Capel claiming that the influence of the Empire is strong in this town, and that things have gotten worse since the new magistrate took over.

The husband goes off to hunt the beast. The wife attempts to stop him, but her pleas fall on deaf ears until Yuri Lowell stops him by tripping him with his foot. Estelle then heals the husband, Teagle, but the wife, Kellas, says she cannot afford it. Yuri tells her to thank Estelle for kindly healing the husband, then notices a cloaked figure and pursues him, leaving the others puzzled. In a dark alley, Yuri is ambushed by the Red Eyes and saved by Flynn Scifo, who arrives just in time to help Yuri defeat the bandits. Flynn, happy to see Yuri now traveling the world but disappointed with the news of his recent crimes, eventually reconciles with him and Estelle in the town's inn.

Yuri explains the entirety of the situation to Flynn, and together, along with the insight of Flynn's subordinates, Sodia and Witcher, they are able to deduce that Ragou is manipulating the weather using a blastia. In addition, he is forcing high taxes on the townspeople and offering to pardon these charges should they retrieve the horn of the Rhybgaro beast that wanders nearby. The group takes it upon themselves to retrieve the horn and leave the town in search for the beast, having learned that it tends to appear during rainy weather. Later returning with the horn, the group gives it to Teagle and Kellas, and they thank them graciously. The group then returns to the inn to devise a plan with Flynn, Sodia, and Witcher to infiltrate Ragou's residence.

Confronting Ragou

Eventually making their way in, somewhat with the help of Raven, the group finds themselves in a dungeon with a horrible stench. They quickly notice blood and rotting corpses, soon realizing that Ragou has been raising monsters and using them to fight the townspeople who could not pay their taxes. Investing the voice of a child, they then come across Teagle and Kellas's missing son, who was brought to the dungeon due to his parents' inability to pay. Eventually, Ragou himself appears and taunts the group with his unapologetic tone. He makes an escape, and though the group manages to find the weather-controlling blastia, they are ambushed by members of the Blood Alliance. In accordance with their plan made earlier, Flynn and his team appear but are distracted by the mysterious Dragon Rider, who uses her spear to destroy the blastia. She then escapes, and ultimately so does Ragou.

Although the normalcy of the town's weather is restored, the group pursues Ragou to a secret dock and boards the ship he is attempting to flee the town on. Confronted by Barbos, who is later revealed to be the leader of the Blood Alliance guild, the group is forced to fight its mercenary members aboard the ship, realizing that Ragou's ties go deeper than they previously thought. Suddenly, the assassin Zagi appears, an inopportune moment that allows for Ragou to escape with Barbos on a smaller boat. In the aftermath of the fight, the ship is set on fire. Zagi is blown away in an explosion that ultimately causes the ship to sink. With everyone managing to survive, including the secret passenger Ioder, who was being hid in the ship's cabin, Flynn arrives shortly thereafter with another ship, saving the group and taking them to Capua Torim.