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Capua Torim
Capua Torim (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Tolbyccia

The Port of Capua Torim (港の街 カプワ・トリム Minato no Machi Kapuwa Torimu?), also known as Torim Harbor, is a port town located on the far eastern side of the continent of Tolbyccia in Tales of Vesperia. It is home to the headquarters of the Fortune's Market guild and is described as a rival to Ilyccia's Capua Nor because guilds have a strong influence.


After being rescued on the sea by Flynn Scifo, the group arrives at the port town and meets at the inn. Inside, they are surprised to see Ragou, who feigns ignorance of the preceding situation and leaves. Estelle then takes the opportunity to introduce Ioder, who was help captive on the ship that sank before the group was rescued by Flynn, while Yuri Lowell remains furious at Flynn's passive behavior in letting Ragou go. Ioder asks Estelle what she plans to do next, and she makes her intentions of continuing her travels with Yuri clear, to which Flynn allows. Yuri, still upset, leaves and comes across Raven, asking him why exactly was he at Ragou's residence back in Capua Nor. Raven tells him he was looking for an apatheia, but before he can explain, the rest of the group appears, prompting Raven to leave. Karol Capel inquires about where to head next, and Yuri informs them that a shady group was headed northwest. Although Karol says the only notable location northwest of the town is a destroyed city, the group agrees it is worth checking out and departs.

Because Capua Torim is the hometown of Mary Kaufman, leader of the Fortune's Market guild, the headquarters are stationed here. Having already met Yuri and Estelle back in Deidon Hold, she later provides the group with their initial means of transport: the ship known as the Fiertia, captained by Tokunaga, a member of Gull's Song, a minor maritime guild associated with Fortune's Market for the sake of transporting goods. At Kaufman's request, in exchange for her allowing them to use the ship, they escort her and her crew to the coliseum city of Nordopolica.

Upon returning to Torim Harbor, Yuri and his party rest at the inn. There Raven reveals he was ordered to keep an eye on Estelle and to deliver a letter from Don Whitehorse to Belius. The next day the group comes across Ioder, who is trying to help with the peace treaty between the Guilds and the Empire, which aren't going so well because of Heracles. Yuri was shocked that Ioder was a candidate for emperor but he didn't know about it and Ioder tells him that he has no authority over the knights. Estelle recites that the knights only report to the emperor and no one else. Yuri tells him to just be the emperor, but Ioder tells him it is not that simple as the symbol for the ascension to the position of the emperor, Dein Nomos, went missing ten years prior. Ioder and his attendant soon leave. Later Yuri and his party see two men running away. They soon see Kaufman, who tells her associate to add the guild Indigo Beasts to the list of blacklisted guilds.