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Casey (ToAsteria).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Imperial Knight
Weapon Divine Cannon
Japanese Voice Actor Aya Endou (Drama CD)

Casey (キャナリ Kyanari?, "Canary") is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia who plays a pivotal role in Raven's backstory.


Born to a noble family, Casey left home to join the Imperial Knights, taking a prized family heirloom, a bow called the "Divine Cannon", with her. Over time, she established herself as a distinguished knight and earned Alexei Dinoia's favor. During her time as a knight, she met Damuron Atomais, and ten years prior to the events of the story, the two fought alongside each other in the Great War. Near the end of the war, Damuron was injured in battle, and Casey died attempting to protect him, though her efforts went to waste, as he died shortly thereafter during the battle at Mt. Temza.

Alexei revived Damuron by replacing his heart with a Hermes blastia. Casey's death deeply affected Damuron, who thereafter took the name "Schwann Oltorain" and eventually "Raven", though he never states directly that he had romantic feelings for her. Casey was also linked to Yeager, who, like Raven, had some sort of romantic involvement with her. During the events of the story, Yeager is in possession of Casey's treasured bow, until his adopted daughters, Gauche and Droite, surrender the weapon to Raven in exchange for Casey's compact mirror.


  • Casey's Japanese name, Canary, aligns with Damuron's bird-themed names of Schwann and Raven. A canary is a songbird associated with healing energies and a renewed sense of oneself, as well as the common qualities of light, inspiration, and hope.