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Cashel (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 32
Height 185 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Terror
Weapon Dual Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Yasuhiro Takato
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Cashel the Phantom (幽幻のカッシェル Yuugen no Kassheru?) is a minor antagonist in the Main Quest of Tales of Legendia and one of Vaclav Bolud's three Terrors.


After escaping from the Secret Passage, Senel Coolidge leaves the group with Shirley Fennes to head back to town on their own. At the cliff exit, Cashel, along with the other Terrors, appear in front of Senel to take Shirley. After Senel loses to Melanie, Vaclav takes Shirley away. Cashel and the others Terror leave with Vaclav.

At the Forest of No Return, Cashel and the other Terrors follow Vaclav's order to capture Senel and eliminate the other members of the party. At the bandits' hideout in the forest, Cashel appears and tells the party he killed Moses Sandor's bandits, which causes Moses to try to attack him. Cashel prepares to fight the party, but they escape thanks to Will Raynard's Lightning Crystal Eres. After the party escapes, he leaves the job of capturing the party to Melanie, and he retreats with Stingle to the Bridge.

The party faces Cashel one final time at the Bridge. He tries to taunt Moses when he first arrives, but Moses remains calm. Cashel makes five illusions of himself to fool the party, but Jay easily sees through his tricks and finds the real Cashel. Cashel runs away and makes the party chase him. Along the way, he tries to sneak up to the party, but thanks to Jay, the party does not fall for them. Cashel challenges to the party to a final battle but loses to Senel and his friends and dies.

Appearance and Personality

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

Like Vaclav and Melanie, Cashel enjoys in killing and causing pain to others, as demonstrated with Moses's bandits in the Forest of No Return. Cashel enjoys taunting others by pointing out their weaknesses or he brags about his victories. He does this especially with Moses most of the time.

Fighting Style

Cashel fights with dual swords and uses a mixture of Iron and Crystal Eres. From the start of the battle, he mainly uses Iron Eres such as Dissolution One (解体作業その1 Kaitaisagyou sono Ichi?); its upgraded form, Dissolution Two (解体作業その2 Kaitaisagyou sono Ni?); and Cutthroat Phantom (斬首円刃 Zanshuenjin?). After some of his health depletes, he begins to uses Crystal Eres such as Lightning and Ice Wall. When his health is one the verge of being critical, he will use Antishelter and Freeze Lancer. When his health is critical, he will begin using his strongest Crystal Eres, Bloody Howling.