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Cedric (ToAsteria).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Barona
Age 50
Race Human
Occupation King of Windor
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Masato Hirano
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Cedric (セルディク Serudiku?, "Cerdic") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Graces. Originally an archduke, he is Richard's power-hungry uncle who is behind several assassination attempts.


Windor Under Control

Cedric always desired the throne. As power-hungry as his was, he managed to poison both Richard and his father, though the attempt ultimately failed. He eventually managed to subvert the Royal Guard, gaining the loyalty of the knights. Doing so allows him to successfully launch a coup d'etat that kills the current king. Richard barely manages to escape, and so he tasks his knights with hunting him down while assuming the position of king. Richard eventually managed to make it to Gralesyde, where he raises an army to retake the throne. Cedric's forces are eventually driven back, and Richard corners Cedric in the throne room. After a fierce battle, Richard ultimately slays his uncle and retakes the throne.

Terma Ten

A version of Cedric known as Cedric 2.0 (セルディク改 Serudiku Kai?, "Cerdic Revised") is encountered in the Zhonecage as one of Solomus's Terma Ten. It is unclear whether this version is a revived or mere copy of Cedric, but he is a faulty nonetheless, constantly stuttering his words. He is no less deadly in battle, however. The party defeats him to move on, though due to the Zhonecage's unique properties, Cedric 2.0 revives each time he is defeated.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

Cedric is a physically powerful man; though he is in his fifties, he nonetheless retains the bulk of a fighter. He is, above all, ambitious, wanting the kingdom for himself no matter who stands in his way. Richard mentions him to be a coward who would poison his own family, but Cedric somehow manages to gain the loyalty of the Royal Guard, who take his orders to such a point that they'd kill the kill.

Fighting Style

Cedric skillfully wields his sword for powerful physical strikes. Not limited to simple blows, he also has artes that leave fire and electricity traps all across the field, though party members can also abuse these traps to regain CC if properly dodged. He also gains the ability to cast magic in Tales of Graces ƒ, adding ranged artes to complement his already powerful melee abilities. His mystic arte is Destructive Hellflare, which engulfs his enemies in a sea of flames with swings of his blade.