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Celica Crowe
Celica Crowe.jpg
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Hometown Aball
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Satomi Arai
English Voice Actor Monica Rial[1]

Celica Crowe (セリカ・クラウ Serika Kurau?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She was Velvet and Laphicet Crowe's older sister who, along with her unborn son, was killed tragically during a Scarlet Night nine years prior to the events of the story. She was married to Arthur, the father of her child.


Years prior to the story, Celica finds an exhausted Arthur in the forest outside Aball and listens to his troubles before encouraging him to rest and eat, offering him an apple. Claiming that he has failed his master after a ten-year journey, Arthur states that he does not deserve to live, but Celica urges him that life is not something one has to earn and that such feelings are proof that he is alive. Celica introduces herself and has Arthur join her for dinner.

Over time, the two fell in love and married. Nine years prior to the story, on a Scarlet Night, Celica is cornered by daemons at the cape's altar near Aball, pregnant with her and Arthur's unborn son. Arthur arrives but is unable to fend off the daemons enough, causing Celica to fall into the altar, killing both herself and their child. This event, known as the Opening, halfway resurrects Innominat, the Empyrean of Suppression, due to the resonance possessed by the unborn child. Arthur, approached by Melchior Mayvin, then establishes his resolve in fully resurrecting Innominat, while Celica and their unborn child are reincarnated as two malakhim: Seres and Laphicet, respectively. Melchior takes Laphicet, while Seres remains with Arthur.



  • In Tales of the Rays, when Velvet meets Lailah for the first time she is painfully reminded of her sister and her malak incarnation, as Lailah has a thing for puns similarly to Celica and her elemental affinity is Fire like Seres.


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