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Centerport (ToCrestoria).png
Game Tales of Crestoria
Country Kingdom of Medagal

Centerport (チュオール Chuooru?) is a town in Tales of Crestoria.


Centerport is the hometown of Yuna Azetta and Penelope Kluber. Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Vicious, Aegis Alver and Meakyu arrive to buy a ship so they can travel to Toshimina to learn more of Kasque and the vision orbs. Vicious spreads a rumor that Aifread's treasure was nearby while the others decide to take a more honest approach and enter the drama festival that is soon to happen, much to Aegis's embarrassment. Eventually, Vicious's plan ends up succeeding first, attracting whole armada for the others to choose from. While the others failed to enter in time, they manage to see Penelope perform. While the rest of the audience constantly cheer at her performance, the group know that it is not realistic to expect her to perform flawlessly, given her condition.