Cerberus Strike (ToV)

Cerberus Strike as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Cerberus Strike (三散華 Sazanka?, "Three Scattering Flower"[1] / "Three Scattering Lusters"), known alternatively as Triple Blossom and Triple Kick, is a kick and fist attack normally used by martial artists in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

This arte involves the character attacking an enemy three times in succession. It originally began as a kicking maneuver, but Yuri Lowell uses his fists rather than his feet for the attack, and then it evolved into a weapon-based move in Tales of Xillia with Leia Rolando, though Jude Mathis uses an unarmed version consisting of both punches and kicks.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Regal uses this arte together with White Wolf if he participates in a Unison Attack. In Tales of Vesperia, Yuri can change this arte into the altered arte Cerberus Blast, while with the "Alembic" skill is equipped. The PlayStation 3 version of the game allows Yuri to add in more hits when rapidly hitting the attack button, if he has an axe weapon equipped.

Cerberus is a dog in Greek mythology popularly depicted as having three heads, fitting the fact that this arte is comprised of three strikes.


Cerberus Strike (ToX)

Cerberus Strike as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

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Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Eternia

Localized Description: "Attack the enemy with three consecutive kicks."[2]

Tales of Symphonia

Localized Description: "Lv. 2 Sp. Attack: 3 consecutive roundhouse kicks."[3]

Tales of Vesperia

Localized Description: "Base: Quickly punch the enemy three times."[4]

Tales of Hearts R

Localized Description: "A quick combination of kicks and baton attacks."

Tales of Xillia

User: Jude Mathis
Localized Description: "A three-part flurry of punches and kicks that ends with knocking a foe into the air."

User: Leia Rolando
Localized Description: "A quick martial arte that uses clever staff play to strike three times in rapid succession."

Tales of the Rays

Localized Description: "A three-hit combo of kicks."


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