Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Eastern Continent

Chambard, the City of Scorched Sand, is a location in Tales of Eternia.


Chambard is located northwest of Efreet Gorge on Inferia's eastern continent, situated in the middle of the landmass's desert region. Due to the close proximity of Efreet, the Greater Craymel of Fire, the city experiences extreme heat, an effect achieved through a "flicking" screen animation. Houses are built high and made of clay and stone, while water is supplied to the town via pools and aqueducts.


Although Chambard is an optional city due to not being required to visit in order to progress the game's story, if the heroes enter the town, they learn from Meredy that Inferia experiences such heat due to the influence of the Greater Craymel of Fire, Efreet, as temperatures this hot are unheard of in the cool and windless Celestia. From a citizen, the group receives a hint about where Efreet may be, an indication of how the story can be continued. In addition, the heroes can meet Katrine in the town's clothing store, a girl who has lost her way to Inferia City and is now being harassed by shop assistants into buying expensive clothes. She is rescued from the situation by Farah Oersted.