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Chesedonia (TotA).jpg
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Region Aberria
The only city located on a national border. Enjoys autonomy due to the backing of the Order of Lorelei. Boasts an active market.

Chesedonia, the Center of Trade (流通拠点ケセドニア?) is a large, autonomous desert city of trade located in eastern Aberria, dividing the countries of Kimlasca and Malkuth in Tales of the Abyss. It is situated north of the Desert Oasis, northwest of the Zao Ruins, and south of Tataroo Valley.


Astor and the Curse Slot

Upon first arrival, Van Grants takes the God-General Arietta into custody. After this, Guy Cecil suggests that Luke fon Fabre and his companions go see Astor, the man in charge of a local merchant's guild, to have the fon-disc he found at Choral Castle analyzed. Before this, however, they have to go to the Kimlascan Consulate for approval. It is within the city that the group has their first encounter with Noir, York, and Urushi of the Dark Wings. After both tasks are done, just as they are about to leave, they run into another of the six God-Generals, Sync the Tempest, who marks Guy with a "Curse Slot" seal as he attempts to retrieve the stolen disc. They soon escape, only to be trailed by Dist the Reaper, yet another God-General.

During the mission to Akzeriuth, Luke and his companions head to the Malkuth Consulate in Chesedonia. After they get the approval to head to Akzeriuth, Guy suddenly attacks Luke in a bizarre outburst. Jade Curtiss notices a cut on Guy's arm and comes to realize that he was struck with a Curse Slot during their previous visit to the desert city. Fon Master Ion states that only Fon Masters can use such an arte, leaving with him with his own speculations about Sync's true nature.

False Princess

After saving the citizens of St. Binah, Luke and his companions split into two groups to help everyone on the Rugnican continent get to safety. Upon arriving at Chesedonian they find Count Almandine and Grand Maestro Mohs and try to stop the war, but Mohs reveals that Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear is not the real princess and that he is only satisfied with fulfilling the Score, using soldiers to form a blockade throughout the city. After failing to convince Almandine to stop the war, Luke and his companions see Astor and inform him of the situation. Afterward, they head to the Zao Ruins and reactivate the Sephiroth.