Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 2,000+ (physically 25)
Height 6'6" / 200 cm
Weight 178 lbs / 81 kg
Race Mechanoid (Ace)
Weapon Elbow Blades
Japanese Voice Actor Kouji Yusa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Chlorseraph (クロアセラフ Kuroaserafu?, "Chroa-Seraph") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts and one of the mechanoids, mechanical beings with an artificial Spiria created by the ancient Mineran civilization.



Chlorseraph served as a guardian knight of Fluora Spodumene, alongside his brother, Clinoseraph. He appears to serve Creed Graphite, as Creed seeks to free his mistress, Fluora, from the seal on Gardenia. He has an interest that borders on obsession toward Kunzite, and he harbors a deep resentment toward Lithia Spodumene for the attention and loyalty she receives from Kunzite. According to both Kunzite and Chlorseraph himself, he and his brother are Ace-type mechanoids, the strongest battle-oriented type, and they are also capable of linking with each other to increase their combat abilities in a similar manner to the Spiria Link abilities that the protagonists can use. Chlorseraph serves at the attack half of the duo, with his dual-sword Soma and volatile personality.

Role in the Plot[]

Chlorseraph is introduced in the story after Mysticete's rebirth, when Creed restores his functionality, alongside Corundum. He ambushes the protagonists at Mount Bremen, continuing his ongoing rivalry with Kunzite. Although bested in combat and seemingly dead, he later appears again in Cind'rella, having restored the functionality of his calcified sibling, Clinoseraph, who traps Lithia inside his Spiria. After being bested in combat by the group, the two brothers then leave for Beanstalk Tower, intending to upgrade themselves there. At the tower, Clinoseraph, realizing he and his brother have been followed by Incarose, demands she reveal herself.

In a sudden turn of events, as Chlorseraph prepares to fight Incarose with Clinoseraph, his brother stabs him in the back, stating that he has lost sight of his mission to free Fluora, allowing his rivalry with Kunzite to cloud his judgment. Chlorseraph slowly dies, admitting his fear of death in the process, and Clinoseraph clashes with Incarose, seemingly killing each other. Incarose, however, fails to die and uses parts from both seraph brothers to upgrade herself, though they later manage to regain control before all three mechanoids malfunction entirely.

Appearance and Personality[]

Chlorseraph has green eyes and light blue hair. As a mechanoid, he is fully covered in dark green armor, including a piece on his head.

Fighting Style[]

As an Ace mechanoid, Chlorseraph wields a large, green blade attached to the bottom of each wrist. These blades, like the arms, are able to fully turn 360, adding versatility to his skillset.