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Chocolat Model
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Palmacosta
Race Human
Occupation •Shop Assistant
•Pilgrimage Tour Guide

Chocolat (ショコラ Shokora?) is a supporting character in Tales of Symphonia who lives in Palmacosta. Unlike most people of Sylvarant, she does not fear the Desians.


Tales of Symphonia[]

Before the story begins, Chocolat's father was killed, and her grandmother, Marble, was taken away because they opposed the Desians. As a result, Chocolat decided to follow her father's footsteps, and disobeys a Desian whenever she gets the chance. She helps her mother to run their little store that Marble left them, believing that her grandmother still is alive.

The first time the party meets Chocolat is when they have to buy a new Palma Potion to the imposters. When they enter the store, they see Chocolat refusing to sell to two Desians for a low price. Although she insults them, they cannot do much because of the treaty they have with the Governor-General in Palmacosta, Dorr. After the Desians exit, Chocolat goes over to the Church of Martel to help them there. Later, when the party goes over there to talk to the priest, they meet up with her and get informed about the treaty between Palmacosta and Palmacosta Human Ranch. She ends the conversation with saying that the Chosen of Regeneration will save them from the Desians. She and Colette become friends, ironically not knowing that Colette is the Chosen One. Later, however, when Cacao is about to get executed for Chocolat's crimes and Colette saves her, Chocolat express her doubts about the Goddess Martel to Colette. The latter tells Chocolat that she believes that the Goddess sleeps inside them all, and that she just has to believe in Her. Enlightened by the girl's words, Chocolat goes back to her work at the church.

Later, Chocolat and some other people from Palmacosta are taken to Palmacosta Human Ranch for violence. While the party goes around saving them, Chocolat is brought to Magnius's office, possibly for interrogation. However, after the party has defeated the guards, Magnius reveals for Chocolat that Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage killed her grandmother with cold blood. Believing him, she refuses to get saved by Marble's murderers and is recaptured and taken away. Later, when the party goes to save the people in Asgard Human Ranch, they are told that she was taken to Iselia Human Ranch.

While she is captive in Iselia Human Ranch, Chocolat gets to know the other humans who are there. There, she learns that Marble used to meet a little boy named Genis when the Desians were not looking, and that another older boy, who was Lloyd, came with Genis during Marble's last day and agreed to save her from her Exsphere, which did not have a Key Crest. After she is saved by Lloyd and Colette, she defends Lloyd and the others against the Mayor, even though she had forgiven Lloyd for killing her grandmother. It is highly likely that she lives in Iselia for a time until Palmacosta is being rebuilt.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

After the events in Tales of Symphonia, Chocolat moves back to the rebuilt Palmacosta. As she is present in the sequel, she either survived the Blood Purge, or was not present when it happened. As the shop Marble's is still open, it is likely that she lives with her mother like before.

Appearance and Personality[]

Chocolat has a rather tomboyish and brave personality, as she refuses to bend over for the Desians. She has a great pride for her family, and cares a lot for them. As revealed, she is willing to work for something she does not really believe to help the family business. Her cowgirl clothing is her uniform for the Church of Martel Travel Agency, but they might serve to show her wish to be free and do whatever she pleases, something she cannot do as long as the Desians exist.