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Chroma Dragons
Game Tales of Graces
Leader Solomus
Notable Members •Duplewyrm

The Chroma Dragons (色煇竜 Shikiryuu?) are a group of three dragons in Tales of Graces. They are tasked by Solomus with guarding and managing the valkines cryas and in turn command the three Spirits.


The Chroma Dragons are tasked with protecting and managing the valkines cryas. Despite this, Richard and Lambda are able to siphon away the eleth from them. The three are angry that this has occurred and wish to act, but by confronting and besting them within special areas near the valkines cryas, Asbel Lhant and his group are able to stay their hands and gain their blessings. These blessings come in the form of special cryas, which allow them to enter the tenth floor of the Zhonecage and confront Solomus before he wipes the world of life to combat Lambda.


  • Duplewyrm (大蒼海竜 Daisoukairyuu?, "Great Azure Sea Dragon") - Guardian of Duplemar and master of Cyandine.
  • Forbrawyvern (大紅蓮竜 Daigurenryuu?, "Great Crimson Lotus Dragon") - Guardian of Forbrannir and master of Bloodflamme.
  • Gloandrake (大翠緑竜 Daisuiryokuryuu?, "Great Verdant Greenery Dragon") - Guardian of Gloandi and master of Grim Sylphie.