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Climax Mode (ToL)

Climax Mode being activated in Tales of Legendia.

Climax Combo (ToL)

A Climax Combo being performed in Tales of Legendia.

Climax Mode (クライマックスモード Kuraimakkusumoodo?) is a powerful attack movement exclusive to Tales of Legendia.


During battle, Climax Mode freezes time for all enemies for a short amount time, allowing the player to attack the enemy without be attacked or disrupted from casting spells. It can be executed by pressing the L1 trigger button. Climax Mode also has a special ability called Climax Combo (クライマックスコンボ Kuraimakkusukonbo?), which allows all four of the characters to join in a special type of unison attack. This can be executed by pressing the L1 trigger button again.

When this mode is executed by the player, the participating members' cut-in portraits will appear, followed by each character attacking the enemy with their weapon once and finishing the attack with a powerful blow from the party leader. Climax is the one of the only attacks in the game that can break the damage cap of 9,999 on enemies, although this is weakened if the player executes it at the end of the bar's limit time. The ability is available from the beginning of the game, but the time freezing ability will not be available for use until a fourth member joins the party. The Climax Bar can be filled by being attacked by an enemy, attacking the enemies and by using "Climax Bottles" during battles.