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Cline Sharil
Cline K. Sharil (ToX)
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Hometown Sharilton
Age 24
Race Human
Occupation Governor of Sharilton
Japanese Voice Actor Sou'ichirou Hoshi
English Voice Actor Keith Silverstein[1]

Cline K. Sharil (クレイン・K・シャール Kurein K Shaaru?) is the older brother of Driselle K. Sharil in Tales of Xillia. He is also the lord and governor of Sharilton until his assassination at the age of 24 by Rashugal soldiers, under orders from King Nachtigal I. Fenn.



Born in Trames 2269, Cline is the eldest child and only son of Lord and Lady Sharil. He lived a normal and privileged and life with his parents and younger sister. In Trames 2286, King Nachtigal enforced Pan-Rashugalism on the country. A year later, the Purge of the Six Houses began, and the Six Ruling Houses, including the House Sharil, were stripped of their political power. The same year, Cline and Driselle's parents were accused of political offense, leading to their imprisonment and eventual execution. At 18, Cline succeeded his father as the head of the house and governor of Sharilton while raising his then 12-year-old sister, Driselle, on his own. Though young, Cline easily became popular in Sharilton, as well as Rashugal in general, due to his fair and just manner of ruling. Four years later, Cline met Rowen J. Ilbert, who was wandering and fell ill. Desiring to help the old man, Cline hired him as a butler, and Rowen faithfully served the family for the next two years.

Tales of Xillia[]

Cline is first seen in Tales of Xillia when the group arrives at the Sharil Manor. He invites them inside for tea, and they recount to him the story of what happened in the marketplace before stepping out for a while due to Rowen's report to him. When he returns, he tells them that he knows that it was Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell who broke into the Laforte Research Center in Fennmont. Cline demands that they tell him what they saw in the laboratory, to which Milla complies. Afterward, he informs them that King Nachtigal arrived earlier and demanded that the citizens of Sharilton be drafted into the army.

Though grateful for the information he is given, he still asks the group that they leave Sharilton to keep the people safe and sets out on his own for Bermia Gorge to rescue the people being experimented on, though eventually, even Cline is captured and experimented on, only to later be rescued by Rowen and the group. The next morning, while Driselle is taking the girls shopping, Cline reveals to Jude and Alvin his plans of rebelling against King Nachtigal in a bid to stop both Rashugal and Auj Oule from going into war and asks that Jude aid him in rebelling. Before Jude can accept his offer, however, Cline is assassinated by a Rashugal soldier. Despite Jude's efforts to heal him, the arrow that was specially designed by Rowen years ago struck him in the heart and proved fatal. At the age of 24, Cline dies, leaving the future and safety of Rashugal in Rowen's hands. Afterward, Driselle takes the position of the new lord and governor of Sharilton.