Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 2,000+ (physically 25)
Race Mechanoid (Ace)
Weapon Twin Shields
Japanese Voice Actor Kenjiro Tsuda
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Clinoseraph (クリノセラフ Kurinoserafu?, "Chrino-Seraph") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts and one of the mechanoids, mechanical beings with an artificial Spiria created by the ancient Mineran civilization.



Clinoseraph served as a guardian knight of Fluora Spodumene, alongside his brother, Chlorseraph. He appears to serve Creed Graphite, as Creed seeks to free his mistress, Fluora, from the seal on Gardenia. According to both Kunzite and Clinoseraph himself, he and his brother are Ace-type mechanoids, the strongest battle-oriented type, and they are also capable of linking with each other to increase their combat abilities in a similar manner to the Spiria Link abilities that the protagonists can use.

Role in the Plot

Clinoseraph and his brother both malfunctioned when tested in combat, killing everything in sight. They were set to be deactivated, but Fluora took pity on them, making them her guardian knights. While Chlorseraph survived the calcification of Minera, Clinoseraph was calcified in Fluora's room trying to save her pet bird. Creed is unable to restore his functionality on Mysticete, unaware of this fact. Chlorseraph later finds Clinoseraph calcified in Cind'rella and restores him prior to the protagonists arriving in the Mineran city.

Clinoseraph then feigns to be calcified in order to trap Lithia Spodumene inside his Spiria and replay his memories of Minera being calcified over and over again in order to break her Spiria. Despite the group's efforts to free her, the seraph brothers retreat to Beanstalk Tower in order to upgrade themselves. At the tower, Clinoseraph, realizing he and his brother have been followed by Incarose, demands she reveal herself. As Chlorseraph prepares to fight Incarose with his brother, Clinoseraph instead stabs him in the back, stating that he has lost sight of his mission to protect Fluora.

Chlorseraph slowly dies, and Clinoseraph then makes clear his intention of using Chlorseraph and Incarose's parts to upgrade himself. He and Incarose clash and seemingly kill each other, while Lithia manages to free herself from Clinoseraph's hold on her as the group arrives and finds the lifeless mechanoids. Incarose, however, fails to die and ambushes the group at the top of the tower, having used both the seraph brothers' parts to upgrade herself. Both brothers later manage to regain some control before malfunctioning entirely, alongside Incarose.