Game Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Leader of the Hunting Blades
Weapon Large Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuji Takada
English Voice Actor Travis Willingham[1]

Clint (クリント Kurinto?) is the leader of the Hunting Blades and a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia. The members of the guild refer to him exclusively as "Boss" or "Chief".


Like many members of the Hunting Blades, Clint bears a personal grudge against monsters. In Caer Bocram, Yuri Lowell and the group spot Clint and and his guild members battling a large monster, which Clint quickly dispatches easily with a Fatal Strike, unknowingly teaching the company how do perform it themselves from that point. Later, when he attempts to slay Gusios, it is revealed that Clint's family was killed by Entelexeia during the Great War ten years prior to the events of the story. Due to the Entelexeia's appearance, he does not differentiate them from ordinary monsters.

Fighting Style

Clint can be fought in the PlayStation 3 port of the game. In battle, he possesses an aggressive fighting style, similar to Tison, but with more powerful and damage-inducing artes. His primary strength lies in his unique ability as an enemy to perform Fatal Strikes on party members, killing them instantly.



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