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Cody Hjuger
Cody Hjuger.png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Dalchia
Race Human
Occupation Slave Trader
Japanese Voice Actor Takuya Kirimoto

Cody Hjuger (コーディ・ヒューガ Koodi Hyuuga?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Crestoria. He is the father of Kanata Hjuger and Sonia.


Cody is a respected leader in Dalchia Village. He runs an orphanage that takes in children from all over and then provides homes for them, even raising his son with them. In truth, however, Cody is the leader of a human trafficking organization who gathers children and grooms them to be sold into slavery and prostitution, with some of the orphans even being harvested for their organs. He raises his son ignorant of his misdeeds, but intends to have him take his place. After Cody finds buyers for Misella, Misella demands that Cody spares the other kids. But Cody brushes this demand off as meaningless, as he only saw the kids as property. An angry Kanata barges in and demands answers. Cody tries to convince his son that nothing is wrong, and even tries to recruit him, but this revelation only causes Kanata to yell angrily at his father, though Cody does not understand why. Enraged, Kanata attacks Cody's workers. Cody threatens to confine Kanata until he "listens to reason." In the heat of the moment, Kanata grabs Misella's knife and stabs his own father. Scarred by his own actions, he watches as Cody falls to the ground and dies, calling him wrong one last time.

In Cress Albane's side story, it is revealed by Mibaru that after he had witnessed one of Cody's dealings, Cody sold him and a monster that he had defeated to a scientist who implanted Mibaru's soul into the monster. Cody reappears in a nightmare Kanata has. Cody demands to know why Kanata, his own son, killed him. Kanata responds by snapping back, yelling that Cody is no longer his father, and he got what he deserved.

Appearance and Personality

Cody is a tall man with red eyes and long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. He wears a purple robe with gold trimmings. His vision orb can be seen around his neck.

Cody appears to be a kind, respectable man with qualities of a natural leader. However, this persona is only a façade that hides a frighteningly cold, vain man who heads a human trafficking organization and lacks empathy for the children he sells. According to Nash, one of the orphans he raises, Cody treats the orphans not as human beings, but as livestock, and only feeds them just enough to keep them alive. In addition, if any of the orphans disobey him, instead of punishing them, he punishes one of the youngers orphans in order to keep everyone in line. He is so fixated on the fact that Kanata is his son, that when he reveals the trafficking secret, he does not see why Kanata is disgusted and angry at his father's actions.