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Colette Brunel
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Iselia
Age •16 (ToS)
•18 (DotNW)
Height 5'2" / 158 cm
Weight 97 lbs / 44 kg
Race •Human
Occupation Chosen of Sylvarant
Weapon Chakrams
Japanese Voice Actor Nana Mizuki
English Voice Actor Heather Hogan
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Colette Brunel (コレット・ブルーネル Koretto Buruuneru?, "Collet Brunel") is the female lead in Tales of Symphonia. She is the seventh successful Chosen One, a being destined to regenerate the world by ascending the Tower of Salvation as an angel, thereby saving her world, Sylvarant.


Tales of Symphonia[]

Birth of the Chosen[]

Colette was born and raised in Iselia, a small community located in the north-western part of Sylvarant. When she was born, there was a Cruxis Crystal, an evolved kind of Exsphere, in her hand, signifying her as the Chosen of Regeneration. Her thought-adoptive father and grandmother, Frank Brunel and Phaidra Brunel respectively, raised her in the village as her family. She was brought up with the knowledge that she would need to die in order to save the world, causing her to gain a truly selfless nature, although she hid this fact from her closest friends. At some point during the early years of her childhood, Colette was taught how to read angelic language. As she got older, she was introduced to the clergy, some of whom she would later encounter during her Journey of World Regeneration. She also met the priests who were meant to accompany her on this journey. She then started her formal education at the Iselia schoolhouse, where she met Lloyd Irving. She and the young Lloyd soon became friends. Sometime later, Genis Sage joined in their circle of friendship.

Journey of Regeneration[]

On Colette's sixteenth birthday, Cruxis sends down an Oracle. Colette, accompanied by Lloyd and Genis, head for the Martel Temple only to find it under attack by the Renegades, who are mistaken for Desians by the trio. Lloyd, Genis, and Colette engage the Renegades until a mysterious mercenary, Kratos Aurion, arrives to defeat and drive off the remaining Renegades. Afterwards, they enter the Martel Temple so Colette can receive the Oracle. At the highest level of the temple, the angel Remiel arrives to convey the blessings of Cruxis and bestow the Tower of Salvation upon Sylvarant. Because of his angel status, he is initially believed to be Colette's "real father", although Colette does not feel like he is her actual father, a fact she admits later on.

The end of the Day of Prophecy marks the beginning of Colette's Journey of Regeneration, which entails releasing the five seals that are scattered throughout the world. The fifth and final seal is at the Tower of Salvation, where Colette's journey will end. Colette will be sacrificed, unbeknownst to Lloyd and Genis, and the dying world will be regenerated. The night before she leaves on her journey, Colette visits Lloyd at his house and says what she believes will be her final goodbye to him. Lloyd, who had just found out that his mother was murdered by Desians, asks to accompany Colette on her journey. Trying to cause her trusted friend Lloyd the least amount of grief, she lies to him about the time of her departure, in the hope that he will then be able to live in the regenerated world.

Colette leaves the village of Iselia under the protection of Kratos and Raine Sage, her teacher. As she is leaving, she acts, in Genis's words, "overly cheerful" in an attempt to hide the fact that the Journey of Regeneration will end in her death. Eventually, Lloyd and Genis catch up with Colette and, having nowhere else to go after their banishment from Iselia, are permitted to travel with her on the World Regeneration Journey. As the party moves from one Seal to the next, Colette begins to gain more angelic powers, including angel wings, enhanced sight, and improved hearing. However, she also loses the things that make her human, like the ability to taste food, sleep, and even speak. She tries to hide this from the party, especially Lloyd, but when she loses the ability to feel, Lloyd tricks her into revealing the truth about her condition, and he goes on to tell the rest of the party. Eventually, they reach the Tower of Salvation, where Colette is forced to make the final sacrifice: her heart and memory.

Humanity Taken[]

Having lost everything that made her human, Colette is now the perfect vessel for Martel's resurrection, since her mana signature is the closest possible to that of Martel. Remiel also admits that he is not Colette's true father, and that Lloyd and his party, who Remiel refers to as "inferior beings", just started calling him that on their own. Colette reveals to Lloyd, through some non-oral form of communication, that she somehow knew what was going on, and thanks Lloyd for being her friend before sacrificing her heart and memory and becoming unresponsive to the rest of the group. After the group battles Remiel, Kratos arrives and reveals that Cruxis plans to transfer Martel's consciousness into Colette's body, denying that it will cause Colette to die. Before Cruxis is able to put Martel's consciousness into Colette's body, however, she is taken to relative safety by the Renegades. Lloyd and the party are later forced to flee to the parallel world of Tethe'alla, taking the soulless Colette with them in the hopes of curing her.

After the Loss[]

Colette Brunel (ToAsteria)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Colette regains her senses after Lloyd carves a Key Crest into her late birthday necklace, but Pronyma attempts to remove it. She apparently remembers everything that happened while she was unresponsive, as she knows Zelos Wilder's name, and has regained the need for food and the ability to feel, although she still has her angel powers. However, Colette has been hit with the rare angelic disease called Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium, which causes her body to slowly and painfully crystallize. Colette finds this out between her reawakening and her first visit to Ozette, but just like her transformation into an angel, decides to keep it to herself, both out of embarrassment and an unwillingness to make her friends worry.

As the journey to reunite the worlds continues, Colette is kidnapped by the rogue Desian Grand Cardinal Rodyle, who plans to use her Cruxis Crystal for his Mana Cannon. His plans are foiled when he realizes that her Cruxis Crystal is now useless, and instead leaves a hologram of himself where Colette is being held, telling the party that they can have her before ordering his dragons to finish them off. The party rescues her safely, but Rodyle's words that she is a "sinful and useless Chosen" remain on her conscience. She believes that his referring to her as "sinful" is a reference to her failure to perform the world regeneration, which she feels guilty about despite knowing that it would only bring about what Lloyd describes as "a false peace".

Colette's disease is introduced gradually, starting with mild discomfort and leading to her collapsing in pain in Ozette shortly before Rodyle abducts her. After she jumps in the way of one of Forcystus' shots, a part of her arm is exposed, revealing that she has begun to crystallize. The party then searches for a cure, learning about Mithos the Hero and Mithos splitting the world into two with the power of the Eternal Sword in the process. Colette is cured after the party escapes from Welgaia, but this is followed up with the revelation that Kratos is Lloyd's father and that a half-elf friend of theirs is in fact the leader of Cruxis, who wants to use her as a host for his older sister Martel.

Fused with Martel[]

Colette Brunel (TotW-ND3)

When the party goes to Flanoir to find a doctor for Altessa, the player is able to choose a character to whom he will talk to at nighttime, and who will affect the plot later on. If Colette is picked at Flanoir, she and Lloyd talk about what makes Kratos a good father, and Colette gives Lloyd a good luck charm to assuage his worries for the future, which later saves his life. Colette is captured in the Tower of Salvation after Zelos betrays the group and is brought to the Great Seed Chamber, where Mithos and Pronyma proceed to merge Martel into Colette's body. Although Lloyd and his once thought dead friends come to help her, it is too late, as Martel has taken over Colette's body. Martel, however, uses Colette's body to condemn Mithos' actions and urge him to stop what he is doing. And when Zelos arrives to place a Key Crest on Colette's Cruxis Crystal, causing Martel's consciousness to leave her, Colette reveals that Martel subconsciously begged her to stop Mithos and put an end to the suffering he has caused. In a skit after the group leaves, it is revealed that Colette was able to understand Martel's feelings while she was possessed.

Final Battle[]

After defeating Yggdrasill, the party goes to Heimdall, preparing to battle Kratos in order to release Origin's seal. If Colette is chosen in Flanoir, she will approach Lloyd and ask him to talk with her outside, where they discuss Lloyd's situation with Kratos before agreeing to travel the world together to collect whatever Exspheres remain; otherwise, she will be asleep and another party member with a higher affection level towards Lloyd will speak with him instead. After the battle against Kratos and Origin, the soul of Mithos appears through his Cruxis Crystal and tries to possess Lloyd. Depending on whether or not Colette is spoken to in Flanoir and Heimdall, Colette may or may not take the Cruxis Crystal onto herself, resulting in Mithos possessing her instead and taking her to Derris-Kharlan. Otherwise, she will join Lloyd and her other companions in traveling to Derris-Kharlan, where she will be forced to confront a mirror image of Remiel, who mocks and criticizes her for abandoning her duty of World Regeneration. If Colette is taken by Mithos to Derris-Kharlan, her strong soul eventually overpowers Mithos's and, when Lloyd arrives, manages to push him away before she joins Lloyd in finding the rest of their friends.

At the final door, the entire group transports themselves over to Mithos' throne, where Mithos' body is, empty of his soul. Whoever is in possession of Mithos' Cruxis Crystal at the time, loses the crystal, allowing it to float back to Mithos and reawaken him. During the battle, Colette tries to persuade Mithos into giving up by mentioning Martel, but this fails to convince him.

New World Tree[]

Colette Brunel (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

After Mithos is killed, the group proceeds to reunite the worlds through the Eternal Sword and the Summon Spirits. However, the Great Seed dies during the process. Determined to give everything, Lloyd somehow manages to unleash angel wings and follow the seed. Colette follows him, and together they manage to revive the Great Seed, causing the birth of a new tree and its tree spirit, Martel. After witnessing the World Tree's future form, she tells Lloyd to name the tree. At the end of the story, Colette returns home to Iselia, where all the villagers welcome her, and explains that she is no longer the Chosen and wishes to be known as just "Colette". If Colette is picked in the Flanoir scene, she later travels with Lloyd on his journey to collect the Exspheres and, as is revealed in Dawn of the New World, begins dating Lloyd.

Drama CD: Rodeo Ride Tour[]

During the events of the Drama CD Rodeo Ride Tour, which takes place one year after the regeneration of the world under the assumption that Lloyd chose Colette in Flanoir, she is seen traveling with Lloyd, and is with him when they meet up with Sheena and Zelos. However, she spends most of her time in Iselia teaching the children in Raine's stead, as she is currently journeying with Genis to make it easier for half-elves to live in the new world. Throughout her stay in Iselia, Sheena expresses a degree of jealousy towards Colette, as she still harbors feelings for Lloyd. As such, she tries to be as different from Colette as possible, though she comes to terms with it by the end of the Drama CD. When Colette comes back from teaching the children in a neighboring village, she watches a thoughtful Lloyd worrying while eating dinner.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

DotNW Opening Colette

Opening still from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Colette returns in the sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, as a playable character. After the worlds were reunited, the Chosen system was stopped, having been deemed unnecessary. As such, Colette was the final Chosen to go on the Journey of Regeneration, and is therefore called the "Chosen of Regeneration". However, she is criticized by the people of Sylvarant as a result of rumors attributing the Giant Kharlan Tree's rampage two years ago to Colette's abdication of her duties as a Chosen. This is the reason Marta Lualdi, the deuteragonist of Dawn of the New World, is angry at Colette, because her mother was killed during the rampage. She is also hunted by the Sylvaranti organization Vanguard because they see her as a traitor who supports Tethe'alla, although the real reason is later revealed to be because of her Cruxis Crystal. She also runs a charity organization to help people in need despite her wanted status, thus showing that she still cares about the world more than herself.

Troubled Hearts[]

Colette is first seen in Asgard asking Aisha about Lloyd's whereabouts. Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi approach them with the invisible Tenebrae, although Colette is able to see Tenebrae because of her angel sight. Still feeling guilty over what happened during the rampage of the Giant Kharlan Tree, Colette answers "yes" when Marta asks about the rumors, which makes her yell and throw Colette toward a shelf on the wall of the house while telling her the story of Marta's mother. Later, she sees Marta and Emil trying to save a boy who is a fan of Colette from falling off a rim, but they are attacked by the Vanguard. Alice is about to force Marta and the boy to fall down and most likely die; this sight provokes Colette to save them with her Angel Skill, Angel Feathers.

After a battle against Hawk, Colette once again expresses her guilt for letting the Giant Kharlan Tree go wild before she goes back to Aisha. Off-screen, she is sent to the mayor, who asks her to help Asgard with the wind problems they have been having lately. While she is talking to the mayor, the two younger heroes come to thank her for saving them. Shortly after, Colette joins the trio when they say that they want to help her to stop the winds. Happy, Colette states that they now are friends, much to Marta's confusion and annoyance. Throughout the time they spend together, Colette and Marta get closer, as Colette saves her from a monster and guides them several times. In return, Colette is informed about the Centurions and Ratatosk, while she also explains more about the World Regeneration.

Later, when they manage to get inside the Underground Ruins, they search for Centurion Ventus's core. When they eventually find it, Colette runs over and gets it, but Marta says it is dangerous for her, explaining that if normal people try to touch a Centurion's core, they might be driven insane by its powers. The reason Colette did not get any effects may be because she is an angel, but Tenebrae says that it was not dangerous for her to touch it for the short time she did. When they are outside the ruins, Colette, worried about Lloyd, decides to separate from Marta and Emil to warn him about the danger of a Centurion's core, as walking by foot with the new heroes would take too long time. After informing the mayor that the winds are cleared and saying goodbye to Emil, Marta, and Tenebrae, Colette flies off toward the direction of Luin.

Truth Behind the Mask[]

At some point in Colette's search for Lloyd, she meets Richter Abend, who tries to take her Cruxis Crystal from her. As she trips and destroys a fence when attempting to run away, Richter chooses to pay for the repairs and apologize in her place. Because of, along with his promise to take her Cruxis Crystal the next time they meet, she thinks that he is a good person and a "Chosen Maniac". Colette is not seen again until the party goes to the Vanguard's headquarters, where they save Seles Wilder from Alice and Decus. Colette is the one who throws her ring at Decus and tells Lloyd to save Seles. After the party gets back to Meltokio, she and Zelos leave the party to go find Lloyd and ask him about his intentions.

Dark Premonition[]

Colette and Zelos show up again at the invasion of Altamira, where Colette falls and opens a secret passage that saves Emil from Decus, who is going berserk because of Solum's core. After the invasion, she joins the party fully with her ultimate weapon Angel Halo.

Eternal Bond[]

When the group splits up, Colette is in Iselia. When Emil talks to her, she explains how she thought it was her duty to sacrifice herself for Sylvarant, but in the end realized that she loved the world too much to not be able to live with it and protect it. It is possible that she tells about her sacrifice because she has a clue about Emil's plans, or at least has a feeling for it.

Appearance and Personality[]

Colette Status (ToS)

Status image in Tales of Symphonia.

Colette has aqua blue eyes and sidecar-blonde hair that reaches down her back. Her attire consists of a white uniform outlined with bell blue, shoes of the same pattern, and black pants.

Throughout the game, Colette is shown to be fairly clumsy, at one point even receiving a title called "Klutz", and her repetitive tripping causes the most unusual things to happen, from making a hole in the wall at school to deactivating the most complex of machines. This causes Sheena Fujibayashi to claim that her clumsiness is truly blessed. She can also appear somewhat clueless, as she misses some things that are obvious to everyone else, as telling an assassin who is after to kill the Chosen that she is the Chosen, and worrying for her afterward when she falls down a pit. As the Chosen of Sylvarant, she prays for the world's safety every night. She is quick to take responsibility, and puts everybody above herself.

She is brave and quick to do what she believes is right, but she is not very self-confident, and can be slow to decide what the right action is, most of the time asking Lloyd to decide for her stead. Colette is also very self-conscious and wishes she were not different, because it is because she is different that she never was able to live like a normal girl. This is one of the clear differences between her and Zelos, the Chosen of Tethe'alla, as Colette accepts the differences, even if she does not like them, while Zelos tries to find a way to get rid of them. As the game continues, Colette begins to show more of the negative aspects of her selflessness. Because she does not want people to worry or keep their minds from their goal, she hides all her suffering and burden, bearing them all alone.

This, however, also works against her, since she tries to hide illnesses like Angel Toxicosis and Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium from the others, forcing them to discover them on their own. This factor annoys Lloyd the most, because he feels that he cannot help her, but from Colette's perspective, she feels that worrying anyone or showing something odd is just not appropriate for the journey she has begun. Colette is a very mature young woman. She was brought up with the knowledge that she would need to die to save the world, and has gained from that a truly selfless nature. However, she later recognizes that she made a mistake in her willingness to sacrifice herself, believing in Lloyd's ideas that no life is born for the sole purpose of dying. As such, her greatest wish at the end of the game is to ensure that no one else makes the same mistake she did.

Fighting Style[]

Colette Cut-in (ToS-PS2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Colette Cut-in (ToS-PS3)

Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia (PS3).

In battle, Colette fights with two rings, sometimes called chakrams, which she throws at the enemy. Although not powerful initially, she soon becomes a valuable asset with her Light-based magic called Angel Skills; these special spells consist of Angel Feathers, Holy Song, Sacrifice, Judgment, and Grand Cross. In close combat, Colette is more difficult to control and maintain combos, but with a high attack power statistic, she is capable of decent damage output. She excels in defeating larger enemies, as well as groups of monsters within a radius. Many of her attacks allow her to be a safe distance from the enemy while effectively pursuing combos. Ironically, Colette is the only character with item-thieving moves despite her charitable nature.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Symphonia Manga[]

In the Tales of Symphonia manga, a lot of moments with Colette are cut off. She gets cured from her soulless state during a visit in Altessa's, does not gain Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium and is not kidnapped by Rodyle. Another minor difference from the game is that when Colette sacrifices her soul, her eyes become cloudy instead of red.

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation[]

Colette is one of the main characters in the anime adaption of Tales of Symphonia, titled Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. There, she plays a bigger role than in the game, often being the narrator or the speaking voice. She also plays a more serious role, and the animation shows more of the less cheerful side of her throughout the Sylvarant Arc. Another minor difference from the game is that when Colette sacrifices her soul, her eyes become darker and cloudy, like in the manga, instead of red.

Dramatic DVD: Symphonia Academy[]

Colette appears in the pre-order bonus for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. In this alternative world, she is an exchange student in the Symphonia Academy, and originates from the St. Martel School, which is a school for wealthy and intelligent girls. According to Genis, her "perfectness" summons Zelos from the other classroom, though Zelos claims that Colette is the only girl so far to reject his charms. In the end, Colette states that she thinks she will end up loving the school, and is also the narrator that presents the events for the next episode of Symphonia Academy.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3[]

Colette Cut-in (TotW-RU)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia.

Colette appears in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 as a playable character along with the other Tales of Symphonia characters. When meeting the heroes, Julio Sven and Caro Orange, for the first time, she and Lloyd are being controlled by Thanatos, forcing the heroes to fight them. Afterward, Colette and Lloyd join the party together.

Tales of Fandom Vol.2[]

Colette appears as a cameo character with the rest of the Symphonia cast in Tales of Fandom Vol.2. When she gets separated along with fellow main heroines Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia and Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss, she surprises the other girls by revealing her angel wings. They get along very well, and work well out when they go and fight Undine, the Summon Spirit of Water.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Colette Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Colette appears in the second installment of Radiant Mythology as a playable character. She first comes to Van Eltia along with Raine, Lloyd, and Zelos to report to Jade Curtiss of the situation go on throughout the world. Colette goes with Kanonno Earhart and the Protagonist during the eighth story mission. In the shrine's deepest area Kanonno and Colette find the missing person the request said to find. When Colette and Kanonno try to help the man he is possessed by Goede's influence and becomes the monster "Behemoth". After being defeated Colette cheers up the man and returns to the Van Eltia. During the end of the game after Goede is finally defeated, Colette is seen with the other Symphonia cast on the Van Eltia looking at the mana spreading across the world. The weapon she uses throughout the entire game is her exclusive weapon "Angel Halo". Unlike her appearance in other games this seems to be the only game in the series that follow her original artwork and wears white gloves instead of being bare handed.

Tales of VS.[]

Colette Status (ToVS)

Status image in Tales of VS.

Colette Cut-in (ToVS) 1

First cut-in image for Tales of VS.

Colette makes an appearance in Tales of VS. as a playable character, and Lloyd is her partner during the storyline. Like with Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia, she has a skill that allows her to cast spells in the air while constantly consuming TP, which emphasizes her status as a winged fighter.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Colette first joins Ad Libitum together with Lloyd, Sheena, and Suzu Fujibayashi. Later in the game, she helps the Protagonist and Kohaku Hearts to find the second Ring Spot for the Sorcerer's Ring in the second area of Kadaifu Desert. During one scene in this quest, the party comes across a stone gate which was intended to be destroyed by a bomb made by Harold Berselius, but Colette trips on a rock and causes the gate to fall.

Tales of Asteria[]

Star Fragments[]

In Tales of Asteria, Colette, as Chosen, has as much political power as the king. As such, she goes on a journey with Lloyd, and genius mage Rita Mordio to search for a Star Fragment in various ruins.

Echoes of Paradise[]

In the fourth arc, it is Colette's dream to be a Court Chosen (宮廷神子 Kyuutei Miko?) to serve the Heavenly Empress Lazaris of Enterestia. She takes the exam at the imperial castle of Shanglais. Despite the challenges and rivals, Collete successfully passes, receiving the costume of a Court Chosen.

Later on, she would unlock a hidden power, becoming a Spinning Fate Chosen (意志を紡ぎし神子 Ishi wo Tsumugishi Miko?), intent on using her power to help Lazaris.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Colette Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of Crestoria, Colette is with Lloyd Irving, Arche Klein, and Genis Sage in Centerport. Arche wants to attend the drama festival that is soon to happen there, and Colette and Lloyd agree that it should be fun. However, Genis reminds them that their ship will soon set sail and drags Lloyd and Arche away, with Colette following behind.



Chibi Colette
  • Colette is a shortened version of Nicolette, which translates to "born by angels". In Tales of Symphonia, a rumor states that the Chosen is actually not born by his or her parents, but by angels. The name Nicolette derives from Nike, the Greek goddess who personifies victory.
  • Colette's strongest ring is the "Angel Halo", obtained from the coliseum, which becomes her default weapon in her crossover appearances.
    • The name of her Devil's Arm is "Evil Eye".
    • The gag weapon the player can buy for her in the completely rebuilt Luin is "Tambourine".