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Corina Sorujente
Corina Sorujente.jpg
Appearance Tales of Eternia: The Animation
Race Inferian
Japanese Voice Actor Yui Horie

Corina Sorujente (コリーナ・ソルジェンテ?) is a minor character in Tales of Eternia: The Animation. She is a bard looking to make a poem that will go down in history.


Corina is first seen singing on top of a tree when a wolf-monster climbs above her. Reid Hershel arrives and cuts the monster off, but also inadvertently cuts the branch Corina is on, causing her to fall directly onto his face. Right as she recovers, Corina turns around to find the angry monster charging at her, at which point, Reid recovers and kills the beast. Inspired by his act, Corina begs him that she writes a poem about his deed before warning him of the death crabs nearby.