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Creed Graphite
Creed Graphite (ToH)
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Hometown Cind'rella
Age 2,000+ (physically 20)
Height 5'11" / 181 cm
Weight 249 lbs / 113 kg
Race Mineran
Weapon Bracelets
Japanese Voice Actor Shin'ichirou Miki
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Creed Graphite (クリード・グラファイト Kuriido Gurafaito?, "Kreed Grafyte"), also known as the "Scarlet-Haired Devil" (緋色の髪の魔王 Hi'iro no Kami no Maou?), is the main antagonist in Tales of Hearts. He is one of the last descendants of Minera, and the master of Incarose.


Prior to the events of the story, Creed grew along with friends Fluora Spodumene and Lithia Spodumene in the Mineran city of Cind'rella during a period of unending Mineran Will wars. Considered as a prodigy in the use of Will Artes, Creed was considered a genius, second only to Fluora. To stop the endless conflicts that ravaged Minera, Creed took part on a plan alongside with Lithia to remove the war-like components from a person Spiria: a plan that would receive the codename "Savior System Gardenia".

To that end he created Incarose, a mechanoid that would assist him during his experiments. Fluora warned multiple times and questioned the unethical manipulation of someone else Spiria to both of them. Despite all the warnings Creed and Lithia managed to activate Gardenia using Lithia's Spiria as the core for Gardenia. However, Lithia was unable to control Gardenia, causing every Spiria on Minera to be consumed by Gardenia and calcifying the entire planet in the process.

To stop Gardenia, Fluora sacrificed herself in order to protect both Creed and Lithia. Againts Creed's wishes, Lithia managed to seal Gardenia alongside with Fluora. Such action caused animosity toward Lithia, as Creed opposed Lithia's decisions by insisting that he holds the ability to return the Spirias devoured by Gardenia and save Fluora. Unable to reach into an understanding, Lithia proceeded to seal Greed with an arte, failing in the process. The arte bounces to Creed and Lithia, causing their Spiria to be expelled from their physical bodies.

Since Mysticete had meanwhile landed on Organica, both proceeded looking for a host in whose Spiria they could nestle. Having expelled each other Spirias from their physical bodies, both existed within Organican hosts during two millennia. Changing host over countless generations, Creed waged a secret and endless battle for control over Gardenia against Lithia. Together with Tekt Tourmaline, Labrodor Akerman, Sydan Meteor, and Kardia Meteor battled Zirconia Tourmaline. During the battle, Both Iola Hearts and Zirconia shattered, forcing both Lithia and Creed to seek for a new vessel. Creed was forced to to retreat to Kardia's unborn child's Spiria. Kardia took the opportunity and managed to create a seal that forced Creed to rest inside the child's Spiria in the coming years.

Appearance and Personality[]

Creed Graphite (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Creed's physical appearance consists of a slender build, pale white skin, lipstick-red eyes and mid-length hair of the same color. His attire is a unique uniform of pitch black, with grey polka dots outlined with blue, giving off the appearance of a night sky. The front of his torso is completely exposed, only having five white straps covering it.

Creed has a "ends justify the means" mindset, for better or for worse, and because of this, he does not mind using his friends or unrelated people to achieve his goals. As such, he is also completely indifferent to what happens to his victims, and rather believes that they should be sacrificed in order to revive the Minera.

Fighting Style[]

Creed Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

As a master of will artes, Creed is capable of casting will artes of every kind.

In the first battle, Creed merges with the Gardenia Core (ガルデニア・コア Garudenia Koa?) in a vain attempt to control it. With it, he can also summon xerom allies to even the playing field.

In the original Tales of Hearts, the core is permanently stuck on the right side of the area, with a Garstoma (ガルストーマ Garusutooma?) on the right to act as a diversion. Creed uses the core to directly control the terrain to attack the party, such as shooting thorny tendrils, or spikes in front of him. In some cases, he will pull his body out of the core to cast a will arte before quickly returning within to shield himself. In this version, Creed's will artes consist of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, whereas the Garstoma's arteset is greatly smaller.

In Tales of Hearts R, Creed can move freely around the area, using the core to protect himself. In this version, Creed's arteset is greatly reduced to five strike artes.

Creed Cut-in (ToH)

Cut-in image for Tales of Hearts.

Creed Cut-in (ToH-R)

Cut-in image for Tales of Hearts R.

In the second battle, Creed is capable of flight. He uses the claws on his fingers in close combat.

In the original Tales of Hearts, one of these attacks include summoning a double ended, flaming sickle, to throw at the enemy. In this version, Creed's will arteset consists of nearly every kind of spell, capable of casting them with little time.

Additionally, he can create a dark-formed replica of any party member's Soma to use temporarily. He is also able to change his primary element without a necessary pause.

In Tales of Hearts R, Creed's arteset is greatly altered. He will summon a dark broadsword for his normal attacks. He now has five strike artes, and seven will artes, one for each element.